Pretty Difficult Decision

Some of you may have been paying close enough attention to my races to see I was scheduled to complete the Pretty Muddy event over the weekend. I’ve been talking about it for months, both because I was excited and because it was required as a race ambassador. The final choice not to run was based on several factors, each weighted at varying amounts. In no particular order:

1) I’m exhausted from the travelling I’ve been doing lately. This would have been my 3rd weekend away from home and it was starting to get to me. A lot of this was due to not quite perfecting eating on the go, but it was also due to emotional and mental stress. I considered making it a 1 day trip, then noticed that despite being in “Columbus” the race was much more south than I would have estimated. A 3 to 3.5 hour drive in ONE direction. Also I spent Friday night in the ER with a family member. They’re OK now, but any chance I had of throwing together a last minute trip was out of the question.

2) I would have been racing solo. A few friends weren’t able to go and my sister is in the process of a big purchase so she wasn’t able to swing the money either. I’ve done races alone before, but I don’t like going to theme events where you’re almost meant to have teams and partners and being solo. Yes, I COULD have made “new friends”, but really it would have been super awkward. Plus see the above drive time solo. Ugg.

3) Return on investment. When I was asked to be an ambassador we were told we would receive special shirts, special partnering opportunities and special perks on race day. I thought some of these would come before the event (last year my shirt was shipped to me) this year nothing and I feared when I arrived I wouldn’t be on the list for anything special. You can thank the terrible people with Drenched 5K for that fear.

4) Last, but not least, I have a weird skin issue. Last week I brought home several mosquito bites. Over the past week they have itched and faded as mosquito bites will do in their lifetime. On my side was a particular nasty bite. I’ve kept an eye on it and assumed it wasn’t healing due to being so close to my pant line (I’ll let you guess when I probably received it). I realized near the end of the work week though, while it may not heal as quickly, a mosquito bite also shouldn’t spread. I’ve noticed several other dots around it and it has been hurting all weekend. I’ve also been wearing clothing that wouldn’t irritate it all weekend and it continues to worsen. I made an appointment for the first thing this morning to see what’s up, but I’m glad I didn’t go to the event. After reading several horror stories about catching rashes and what-not at events, I wasn’t about to risk being the CAUSE of an outbreak or making my skin issue worse. This is probably the BIGGEST reason I didn’t attend. YOU’RE WELCOME.

So wish me luck with the not dying of it all. I’ll be talking to you all very soon. I can’t wait to hear how something mysterious bit me so I can be afraid of ever going camping again! Ha!

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