I’m Headed to #FitSocial

Coming off the high from FitBloggin I couldn’t help but wonder if ALL social media/fitness conferences were just as much fun? Sure I could have waited until FitBloggin 2014 and not taken a risk, but I didn’t want to wait another year to be “in the zone” and I was especially fearful I might not be able to afford the next location! I began searching for additional conferences to attend and came upon two. BlogHer and FitSocial.

BlogHer is HUGE and probably the type of place where I would love to get lost in information and passion, and it was an easy 6 hour drive from where I live. Unfortunately, It was also the same weekend as the Burning River 100 and I knew in my heart of hearts where I belonged.


FitSocial is an event I heard about in the past from other bloggers and it sounded like a wonderful vacation and learning opportunity. Previously it was held in June, but it was shifted to the fall this year to not interfere with FitBloggin (see they’re like sisters). I’ve always wanted to travel to Colorado too, so when I crunched the numbers and found I could make it work, I signed up before I could talk myself out of it.

What should I expect for this conference? Well, I will arrive LATE Wednesday evening (luckily my awesome roomies don’t mind). I’m arriving late because I couldn’t risk not making it to the hike on Thursday so I decided Wed would be a good arrival date/time. Sadly we are so short staffed at work I wasn’t able to get the day off and have to fly out immediately after work. Oh well, thankful to have my health and vacation time and the money to attend regardless. Thursday and Friday are both held in Boulder, Thurs will be hike day and a pay on your own social dinner. Maybe I’ll have time to explore a little on Thursday too. Friday has yoga and HIIT classes along with educational programming and then a social dinner.

Saturday and Sunday we will be traveling to Denver and working at the Anschutz Health & Wellness Center. Both days have several more educational sessions and exercise classes including Tabata Cycle, Zumba, and Barre Conditioning! Sunday the conference is over a little after noon, and my flight leaves I think between 3-4. Plenty of time to relax and get to the airport or do any last minute sight-seeing. Although I’ve learned over the years Sunday isn’t really a day when things are open and ready for the public.

When searching for the reasons why I signed up, I found their blog had a great entry on their Top 5 Reasons (plus a bonus 6th reason). Here are my own reasons:

1. I heard this is small conference about 100-200 people. The prospect of actually getting to hang out with everyone and spend quality time together seemed sweet. It may not be ideal for networking with “big names”, but I’m not in it for that at the moment.

2. The first 100 40 people who signed up were offered a free outfit from Soybu. When I signed up the page said 11 left, I emailed and asked if that was accurate and was told there were outfits still available. I will be gracious if that wasn’t the case, but man do I REALLY want one! It has been confirmed I will have one. Excellent!


3. If you offer to write a blog before and after the event your registration was only $95. That’s a steal! Plus see reason #2, that outfit is like a $80 -$100 value so win-win!

4. I have always wanted to see Colorado and on Thursday before the main conference begins we’re going on a hike in the mountains! The latest update after the rains is that the hike is currently closed, but looking hopeful to reopen before the conference next week.


5. A chance for learning and exercising, a chance to get away from work and “life”.

6. Since they’re offering CEC credit for ACE and ACSM peeps, I had a feeling the content has to be legit and held to some wonderful standard.

If you’ve been on the fence I would say it isn’t too late to attend! Registration is available and I know people are looking for roomies if that helps with your costs. I wish I could say more about it, but without having personal experience I don’t know what to expect.

It’ll be nice to be new at something and it’ll be nice not to have to present or liveblog. Not because those things are BAD, but it’ll be nice to just be present, to just be there and go with impulse and inclination and on my own schedule.

Tell me. What conferences do you like to attend? Have you been to FitSocial? What’s on the must-see or must-do list?

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