And the Doctor Said

I think many of you know I went to the doctor on Friday to have blood work done. My thoughts were maybe my thyroid was messed up and it was causing my weight, energy, mood and other health issues. I’ve thought this for years and my doctor would never check. Now I’ve been told by counselors, personal trainers and dietitians to have it checked and the new nurse practitioner finally agreed.

Unfortunately, or it should be a happy thing….all my levels are within normal range. I don’t have thyroid issues, I don’t have insulin problems (I have mild PCOS) and I don’t have anemia. What I do have is a lot of frustration and unanswered questions.

Last week I said I was prepared to face the fact I need to deal with my health issues on my own. I guess in a way I was, but that’s because I 100% believed the tests would catch something.

I’m keeping a food and exercise journal. I think it’s already helping because I’m cutting back on my sweets and my fast food as best as possible. When I made my last round of meals I made sure I measured my portions instead of throwing a bunch of food into several plastic containers. I’ve also been out of town the last few days and am about to leave again so weighing myself isn’t really an option because I know I’m being “bad” more than I should. Luckily bad means Subway without mayo or cheese or anything though!

Apparently I’m tired and overweight simply because of life and how I’ve coped the last few years.

The good news? I don’t have to worry about a special diet except for my allergies. I’m in really good health on paper except my weight. And if all of this was due to diet and exercise I’m on the road to fixing it! I can work out more, I can eat less (in theory) haha. I can cut toxic people out of my life and learn to address problems as they arise instead of carrying them with me for days or weeks or months.

I think in time I’ll understand this was all good news and having to really face myself will mean never having to deal with this again. Issues controlled by medication can always change or adjust or drive someone crazy. Sometimes no matter what they do they will be unpredictable. Issues controlled by self have a guarantee of not coming back if one looks inside and changes the root of the problem. Time to keep working…

4 thoughts on “And the Doctor Said

  1. I don’t know whether you have ever considered WW. I lost 75 lbs-when I weighed 225 lbs. Probably the first 30 or 40 lbs came off quite easily due to measuring out portion sizes. A serving of cereal is not brimming to the rim, for example, it was a 1/2 cup. Once I started watching my portion sizes, and sticking to the WW plan (it’s pretty easy to do) I did see the weight begin to drop.
    I’ve only been a ww online customer too BTW, never been to a real life meeting.

    • I’m starting to think about it actually. I’ve been hearing really great things about it – especially being able to do it online.

    • Thank you. It sucked at first, but now I’m finding I’m becoming more dedicated to observing what I AM doing and what I SHOULD change. A little bit each day, right?

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