Arrrrr! Thrrrrrree Things Thurrrrrrrsday

Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day

1. For those who were wondering about the state of my skin. It wasn’t a spider or an even mosquito or anything else equally pleasant. It has bee diagnoses a my first case of poison ivy rash. Although coworkers seem to think it might be shingles. Whatever it is it better go away very soon. I’m having to wear my pants like a homeboy because the rash is along my side and I can’t stand to have pants touching it. So it’s looooow pants a long flowy blouses all week for this chick. To make it all that much more special, the cream they gave me at the doctor’s had palm oil in it (of course it did) so I had a secondary reaction. Back to good old fashioned calamine lotion! I’m pink and happy.


2. Work has been uber stressful lately. On the plus side we’re getting raises next month (which is just in time for my student loan payments to increase, what a coincidence). On the not plus side we’re down tons of staff member meaning placing people in treatment is a struggle and we’re booked out for a few weeks. Going on vacation right now is nice, but it also creates a whole new level of stress. Oh and to be honest I’ve been a little on edge and have been caught saying kinda mean things lately and I just hope it doesn’t come back to bite me.

3. I didn’t plan to have a second week of being away from working out (again it hurts to wear clothing so working out isn’t happening) but it has helped me with stretching and trying to work out issues with my hamstring and ITB. I’ve also started drinking tart cherry juice each day and that seems to help. Much better than meds or doctors at any rate.



So what’s new with all of you? Any advice for someone who’s side is trying to call off? How much do YOU love cherries? Do you see the benefits of tart cherry juice?

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  1. You can also dab rubbing alcohol on the poison ivy-put it on a cotton ball or piece of TP to help with the drying.
    Good luck. I got a huge case of it which required a trip to the urgicare the day before my 100K in SD. 🙂

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