sooo THAT just happened…

I think we can all tell I’ve been a special flavor of not myself lately. More to come on that when I can find the words. However, last week was starting to feel a little less like a bad joke and a little more like something I could wade through when I was reminded this is MY life we’re talking about and OF COURSE there needs to be drama.

Not sure when I made the actual plans, but in my head Friday was going to be the night I had a delicious hamburger and another alcoholic milkshake. Friday was gonna be stupid movie and getting drunk night. Mr. B and I used to do that whenever I was stressed out and it was a great stress relief.  I made plans with the guy I’d been seeing and was ready. It was going to be lovely.

Then I went to counseling Thursday afternoon where we bumped heads about my progress and issues. Not the point. Then I went home and made a tuna quiche. Again not the point. Then the aforementioned movie date called me and told me he didn’t want to see me anymore. Out of respect for him (and your time) I won’t go into details. I will say no matter how much you logically agree with a break-up, your emotions do not always get the memo.

I wish I was reacting to the news like this:

Instead I pretty much slept or spent the weekend watching movies:


I also went to Zumba on Friday and Saturday. Took Emme for a hike on Saturday and spent 4 hours in the woods with friends doing a 6+ mile hike and some geocaching on Sunday. So no troubles bubbles – it wasn’t all bad. Turns out this was a good kick in the pants to get my butt back in the gym.

However, full disclosure. I didn’t do my weekend chores, so the posting of it all may be a little off because old blog posts don’t smell, but trash and dishes do, so they’re top priority up in here.

Oh and there’s a sliiiiight chance there is something medically wrong with Emme (my dog) so THAT made today super fun and not stressful at all. We should find out tomorrow when she goes to the vet. Send a few good vibes her way, will you?

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