Race Report : Moebius-Green Monster Trail 50K

This past Saturday I spent my second year at the third annual Moebius-Green Monster trail 50K. Those of you around for the long haul will remember the 2012 version of this race as the last REAL race I’ve done. I 2012 I was too damn prideful and insisted on finishing despite pain in my leg. Somehow I decided everyone would judge me and I would be an outcast if I dropped. Whatever. I ruined my hamstring, ITB and piriformis that day and I have regretted it deeply ever since. SIGH. So I went back in 2013, but not to redeem myself, not to finish what I started, I went back to spend time on the trails with my friends.


Knowing I wasn’t “racing” lifted a HUGE weight from my shoulders. I woke up on time, left on time, and arrived on time. No joke. I chatted with a few friends and gathered my new shirt and number. The cool thing about the shirts? The RD bases the color off the previous winner’s color. How fun, right?


We took off on time at 700 AM and I quickly fell behind the pack. Immediately I was freaking out and second guessing my decision. A few deep breaths later I was jogging along the trail enjoying my Saturday morning. Even if I was alone, I could still have fun and it was a loop course so I would soon see people. Plus Gale was meeting up with me in a little while! I kept a pace between 15-18 minutes for the first 5 miles of the loop. Including the half mile “detour” I took when I missed a flag. Oops. The last mile I was texting Gale for an ETA and didn’t keep up pace too well.

She said she was on her way so after completing about 6.7 miles, I plopped down and waited. To my surprise LOTS of other runners called it “quits” after 1 loop. All smiles they were waiting for friends and helping with the aid station.



Gale arrived and we took off on another loop of simply walking and hiding mystery animals along the trail. It was so nice to spend trail time with her and not a group where it feels like we’re always being separated from each other. It meant a lot to me to tell her how much she means to me and how scared I was when she thought she had her stroke. Of course it wasn’t all seriousness! There were M&Ms and fart jokes and plans for geo-caching!


We walked the second loop (6.2 miles) in about 2.5 hours. We didn’t care at all. I called it “quits” after that and stayed around the aid station cheering on other runners. When all was said and done Gale and I took off to find 2 more geo-caches and then I help to tear down the main aid station. Mostly because I think the RD is a fun guy and I wish we were closer in age so we could be real friends. Haha. Yes, I know I’m a dork for writing that…deal with it.



I know some of you probably wish there was more to the story than what you just read. I’m glad there isn’t though. A few weeks ago I could barely walk one loop without terrible pain. This weekend I completed 13 miles without much difficulty and an easy recovery. I remembered what it meant to be out on the trails with the people you love. I went home feeling accomplished and looking forward to the coming weeks. Things I haven’t experienced in nearly a year. Sometimes events are about more than the numbers on the page at the end of the day.



A big congrats to everyone who started Saturday no matter what distance your race ended with, you were awesome! Love my trail running pals and looking forward to so many more miles with you all, even those who weren’t there and we run together in spirit!

Have a safe and happy week everyone. I have a minor sunburn to tend to and packing for my trip to Virginia Beach!

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