Race Report : Hemophilia 5k Superhero Run

I knew I was going to run in the Hemophilia 5k Superhero Run over the weekend, but I just never really got around to talking about it. In a way it is an unexpected 5k, although it was totally expected.

My friend Laura from work (she was an intern for the past year) knew I liked to run and invited me to be a part of her team, “Mikey’s Team”. Her younger brother has the condition and her Mom was recently elected to the local board, so they were doing their best to raise awareness and funds at this year’s walk/run fundraiser. Here is a snippet of the lovely email she sent inviting people to join her team:

Many of you don’t know my little brother was born with a condition called hemophilia. Hemophilia is an inherited disease that keeps your blood from clotting and requires an IV infusion of Factor 8 (what’s missing in their blood) to stop internal and external bleeding of even minor scrapes and bruises. This condition can be severe or mild, but either way, it’s life altering. Though my brother Michael is a mild hemophiliac, we have had to keep a close eye on every bump and bruise since he was born. He is unable to play contact sports and has to travel long distances and to doctors appointments with medication just to be safe. Having experienced this less traumatic situation with Mikey, we can only imagine what other families go through just to keep their family members with severe hemophilia alive. The medication needed for this condition ranges in the thousands on a daily basis.

Each entry was about $25 and their goal was to raise at least $2000, with over 100 people attending for her her, we raised over $2500! Her family donated the money on our behalf so we were able to participate for free. A number I like to hear! And we were given team shirts, and I’m a sucker for a matching event.

The race was held at Sunny Lake Park in Aurora, the same place I have been training for the Moebius-Green Monster Trail race for next weekend. It’s an underutilized area for sure. We had beautiful weather and used the paved path around the lake. Runners did about two laps to reach the 3.1 mile goal.

I was up and ready in my “superhero” getup.  I didn’t realize until the night before we could dress up or I would have been much better prepared.

Once at the race very few people were as “homemade” as I was and I didn’t want to leave the car. Eventually I did though and the kids loved me! The adults I think were a little apprehensive.

After meeting up with Laura and crew I put on my shirt and re-pinned my towel.  With barely minutes to spare I lined up with the small but mighty crowd of runners. FAR more people were there for the 2 mile walk an hour later.

The course itself wasn’t too terrible. My quads hurt a lot from Zumba the night before and from a lack of road training. Lack of road training also meant numb feet from hitting a hard surface repeatedly. Loved my Saucony’s though! Very good shoes. It also didn’t help I had a bath towel pinned to my body, trapping any and all heat against my back. I was a hot and sore mess by the end of it all.

Official results have not been posted yet, but my own watch and phone app said I finished just under 38 minutes. One of the slowest 5k’s I have done in a long long long time. There were a ton of factors playing into it though…and I tried to simply be thankful I was out there and I was running.

Hoping and planning to do it again next year and maybe I can get some of my friends to join in too?

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