One for the Win Column

In all honesty I have no idea what happened or was different about this week, but I can tell you for the first time in a long long long time I had my shiz together.

I went to Zumba Monday and Wednesday evening. I went to a water bootcamp class tonight (thought it was Water Zumba – that starts next week). I ate mostly my own food this week, except for the couple Subway trips. I also drank tons of water – my poor bladder doesn’t know what to do, and I have been sleeping soundly (probably from all the exercise and good food). Every day I set my alarm for 600 AM (haha). Monday I slept until 7, Tuesday I was I up at 645, Wednesday was also 645, today? I was up at 610! What?!What?! I managed to wash my hair, eat breakfast calmly on the couch and walk Emme around the block.

What ELSE did I do this week? I kept up with this blog and other social media, kept my dishes and cooking up to date, did some laundry and read several chapters in my new book. Along with watching TV and getting to bed before 11. I DON’T KNOW WHO I AM ANYMORE!

BTW for those who asked. Emme is/was having focal seizures. Luckily there doesn’t appear to be any reason to be overly concerned at the moment and unless they increase in frequency or intensity we’re good to go. Thank God.

Most amazing of all? My leg hasn’t been bothering me for the first time in months. Maybe exercise, but not overdoing it is the trick. Imagine that?!

So, yep, that’s my life. Getting back on track. I have no idea how I went from “woe is me, there’s never any time to do anything other than lay on this couch and cry” to a functioning member of society, but I’ll take it.

Oh and no, I’m not on meds. Unless good food, exercise, water and sleep are meds? Also I’ve taken my birth control properly for 2 solid weeks so not ruling out the possibility that stable estrogen is a plus either.

Hopefully this upswing lasts. How has everyone else been doing?

4 thoughts on “One for the Win Column

  1. I wish I was as on track as you are! My sleep is awful, but I thin I can fix that tonight, husband and I switched sides of bed and his side just isn’t as nice 😉

  2. Doing good! I haven’t had any diet coke for 18 days and have greatly increased my water. I feel better hydrated- go figure! 🙂 Training for a Sprint Tri that is next week. Getting excited!!!

  3. This blog was the first thing I read today and it set me a wonderful mood, so I thank you for writing it. I was already stressing over how much I have to do today, but now, I will take it one task at a time. Time for me to get my sweat on!

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