Comeback or Continuum?

It seems like I and so many other runners or bloggers I know, talk about events, training or whatever else in terms of on or off, black or white. We allow ourselves such very little grey area and when we do it’s a matter of “How many shades of grey?”

…insert joke….

Don’t get me wrong I am 100% right there with you/them. Every once in a while though I catch myself wondering why. Why is it stop/start again and again and again?

We teach our clients in recovery it isn’t a matter of getting it “right” or “wrong”. Life is a series of ups and downs. Sometimes you’ll move great strides forward, other times baby steps or treading water. Heck there are going to be times you fall down and move backward. At the end of the day the most important thing is your attitude and commitment. Are you willing to learn from your experiences?

I want to say yes, I am ready. Ready to stop calling it a “comeback” whenever my training is going well after an injury or a lull. It’s too much pressure. I’ve addressed these concerns before I believe. While I was out running this weekend with a friend two others passed us and asked if we’re training for anything. I said “Life”. I wasn’t trying to be funny, but to me I hate the idea of training for an event all the time. Why can’t I just be out there and enjoying the experience? No pressure? Sure, it’ll help me do better and feel better at my upcoming events, but I’m not training for them per se.

So, without too much excitement, what have I been doing in the running department?

Last week I went on the 6+ mile hike in gentle terrain right? THIS weekend I hike/jogged a much more technical area. My friend and I went about 5.5 miles in the same time it took the group to do the flat 6 the week before. I have no clue how to compare it or if I should, but this is what I notice:

  • My calves are tight, but not hurting like they have in the past. I’m stretching and drinking H20.
  • My hamstring is not hurting as much (trying to stay off my computer chair too much too)
  • My ITB hurts a lil with rough terrain, but I am foam rolling and stretching and being gentle
  • My piriformis isn’t bothering me at all! Neither is my back!

All is all I’m happy. That’s it for tonight. Go enjoy what’s left of summer!

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