Bikes, Hikes & Hamburgers

After being a superhero on Saturday, I went to my friends’ house for their daughter’s bday party. Of course I was late (with good reason). I stopped at Target to buy a birthday present. However, I grossly underestimated the amount of time and confusion involved with buying a present for a 1 year old when you are never exposed to children. I settled on a few cute outfits. They glow in the dark and she likes kitties.

The party was a nice chance to catch up with old college buddies and to be reminded I’m not putting my uterus to good work as I’m fairly certain her sister and yours truly were the only people over the age of 18 without a child. Oops?

Sunday I was set to meet up with Gale and Cat for a few loops of the Moebius course. My alarm went off at 600 and as I was laying around in bed she texted me at 630 to say she wasn’t feeling up for it and I could bail if I wanted. I decided I wanted. I must have needed it too because I didn’t wake up again until 1030! Yikes! Luckily Cat also didn’t show so no one was left out.

For lunch I met up with my Mom & sister at the National Hamburger Festival in Akron.

I was super proud of myself because I only asked about cooking oils once (which lead to eating a GIANT funnel cake!) I am also pleased with only eating a 1/2 burger here or there and sharing. I didn’t eat any fries so all in all I wasn’t a totally gross slob and the fact I didn’t get sick proves it. Aside from eating many different types of burgers we also played trivia games with the crowd, watched a burger eating contest and saw a bobbing for burgers contest. The last I took a video of for Instagram, but it’s sideways. Because it was my first and I didn’t know any better.

To aid in the digestion of burgers we went and picked up the dogs and took them for a hike near my sister’s house. It must have been humid though because they kept panting and drinking the rivers and ponds.

Once back home Mom and I decided to break out the bikes. When I was turning in my Spree for All form, I noticed there was still time to do the Inaugural Summer Biking Spree. With mileage near 5-8 for each section, I figured we could knock ’em out by the end of the month. We headed over to Rte 82 since we could easily do two by going out one way and then the other. It wasn’t until we were done we realized we could have parked at different ends of the trial and did 4 in one sitting by riding straight through the different paths. Mind you this would have been like 25+ miles, but whatever. Haha. I’m glad the parks have something for people who don’t or can’t walk/run. My only “issue” so far is that the paths for the bikes aren’t clearly marked. What I mean is you don’t know what mile you’re at and it doesn’t seem to be very obvious when you get to the turn around. At least not where we went, maybe the others are better?

I like the “plate” you get for the first year and how you can put each year’s sticker at the bottom. Even if I am secretly a 13 year old boy and I think it says “pimp:”. After all forms are turned in, in October they will do a drawing and one person will win a new bike from Century Cycles! Which is very awesome. I already have 2 bikes I love, but it’d be cool if Mom won her own bike.

Monday I woke up feeling to sweet soreness of physical activity and fresh air. Then I had a mild panic attack when I was reviewing my planner at work (because I would self destruct if I didn’t have my life written down) and realized NEXT weekend is Labor Day. Don’t get me wrong, I knew summer was ending and blah blah blah, what I didn’t realize is how close we were to my never ending being out of town. Check this out:

  • 8/24 – Moebius 50K (will do 12-18 miles only as a training run)
  • 8/30 – 9/2 – Virginia Beach for the Rock n Roll half that Sunday
  • 9/6 – 9/8 – Pickney, MI for Run Woodstock (5K, 10K, 4M and 1/2)
  • 9/14 – Columbus for Pretty Muddy 5K
  • 9/21 – Sleep?
  • 9/25 – 9/30 Denver, CO for #FitSocial

Yep busy busy bee, but oh so happy too!

Now a moment of housekeeping….I have NO IDEA why my website keeps switching to a mobile view on desktop systems. I’ve noticed other people’s sites doing the same thing, but they haven’t responded to my emails. So either my site is messed up or the computers I use at both work and home are messed up. Either way, I’m troubleshooting, so please forgive and be patient if possible

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  1. I was just wondering why this was coming up in mobile version… I love the metropark bike spree! Every year I do the hikes for fall and spring, and have yet to ever turn in a form… Maybe for the bike spree I will get on that 😉

  2. After a lil Google searching it would seem the mobile issue has to do with the settings of the web browser. Apparently if it is no set as a high enough resolution most WP themes are “adaptive” and will “assume” you’re using a mobile device to help make it fit. Don’t ask me how to fix the screen size or whatever about browsers, but at least I know it isn’t something I did wrong! lol

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