Three Things Thursday : The Delay of Posts

I don’t know if anyone other than me notices when I fall behind, but I always feel terribly when I do…this time I think I have good reasons though. What do you think?

#1 AKA Monday. I wrote a very long and detailed reaction to the running comic posted by The Oatmeal. I’m sure many people have seen it floating around now the last few days. My reaction wasn’t purely amusement, it actually stirred a lot of thoughts and feelings I’m trying to cope with at the moment while I can’t run. It also brought back some thoughts and feelings from childhood and things I thought weren’t an issue anymore. The post was great IMHO, but I didn’t set it to auto publish and the next morning I chickened out of sharing it with the world.

#2 AKA Tuesday. I spent the morning Tuesday studying for my independent licence exam for the chemical dependency part of my job. When I say studying I mean sleeping in, playing with Emme, and eating breakfast. Most of you already know, but I am pleased to announce I passed the exam and in 1-4 weeks (with board approval) I will have my upgraded license. Work-wise this just means I can sign off on my own paperwork, which will be niiiiiiice and much ore efficient. Life-wise it means if I were to go looking for work I wouldn’t require supervision which means a much higher chance of getting a job.


#3 AKA Wednesday. The sis and I decided last minute (Tuesday night) to go to the Train concert at Blossom on Wed. We also decided to play along and dress up like mermaids for the chance to win fabulous prizes, such as going on stage. For something we threw together literally in under and hour I think we pulled it off! Great t time, but I’m exhausted today.

IMG_2737 IMG_2731 IMG_2726 IMG_2725 IMG_2721 IMG_2718 IMG_2716 Fishes

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