Race Report : Foam Fest 5K

Happy Hump Day all! Today I have a very special guest post, it is a race report from my younger sister! While I was away in Portland she went to the Foam Fest 5K in Hocking Hills, Ohio with my Mom. They had a BLAST and are STILL talking about it nearly 2 weeks later, which totally says something about an event. Not only was this a great event, but this was the first time they went to an event without me, makes me feel like I’ve done my job well! So, please show her some love and learn about a fun new event!

Foam Fest was overall an enjoyable and challenging race.  The locations nearest me was in Hocking Hills, Ohio which is southeast of Columbus.  The race was set off in multiple waves, there were 50-100 in each so luckily the lines for each obstacle were not very long but just enough time to catch your breath.  It had rained the day before and there was a quarter-mile, up hill, muddy drag that brought the heartbeat to your ears!  The course was pretty muddy, it seemed to be more of a mud race than a foam race at some points.

Two obstacles were out of order during the wave I was running.  First was the Death Drop which was quite disappointing because that is the biggest advertised event of the race.  Someone wore cleats, which are not allowed at the event because multiple obstacles involve inflated equipment.  So that obstacle was closed because someone cleated the inflatable slide.  There was another obstacle that was closed, I couldn’t quite tell what it was- maybe the Moon Walk?  It was also deflated.

It’s hard to chose the best event; each was really fun.  The Barbed Wire Crawl had electric wires above a mud pit one had to crawl through to get to the other side.  I didn’t believe the sign when it said, “if you touch the wires, you will get shocked” and I lifted myself a little too high.  It stung for sure!  Tube Crossing was also great:  crawling through tubes to get to the other side of the river.

The least safe obstacle were the walls.  A 5-foot and 8-foot wall.  The gaps were just enough to fit the tops of your toes between and and both were extremely muddy.  There have been reported injuries from this obstacle, so a lot of people went around.  I did it but it wasn’t safe and I took my time.  Even if a volunteer could wipe/hose it down after each wave I think more people would be willing to use it.

The best is saved for last though!  There is a free Mike’s Hard Lemonade (and Shandy to chosen from too!) to help cancel out all that hard, enduring work waiting for you at the end of the giant slip and slide ending!  There was also a free bag of RealFoods Corn Thins and bananas.  Overall, a good time.  Multiple people have mentioned they want invited next year!

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Visit http://5kfoamfest.com/ for more details for next years event!

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