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Last night I attended a kickoff event for Cleveland’s Jingle Bell Run/Walk which will take place Sunday December 8th, 2013 up at Legacy Village. If you register before Labor Day the cost is only $20, and let’s be honest for a good race with a fun theme, that’s a steal these days! BTW if you’re not local to Cleveland, don’t run away just yet! Head over to their main page and search for one near you because JBRs are all over!

Pulled from their site:

Be part of the largest holiday 5K race series aimed to fight arthritis!

Chosen as one of the Most Incredible Themed Races, Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis is a fun and festive way to kick off your holidays by helping others!

Wear a holiday themed costume. Tie jingle bells to your shoelaces. Raise funds to fight arthritis, the nation’s leading cause of disability. Run or walk a 5 kilometer route with your team members and celebrate the season by giving. A 1 mile route is also available.

I was honored to be asked by Alicia aka Poise in Parma (who is organizing this event) to be one of the bloggers to help promote the event. In return I will receive a complimentary registration. As part of my helpful blogger duties I attended the kick off event at Lilly Pulitzer at Legacy Village. Don’t worry, life as a promoter is far from all work and no play. In fact it’s more like all play and then a little more play!


Lilly was kind enough to open their doors from 5-8 PM and help by donating 10% of sales during this time frame. Guests could shop, chat, or eat and drink holiday themed party favors. At 630 PM those present were also treated to a preview of the upcoming fall fashion line!

As far as my general time at the store? I’ll be honest, I am far from fashionable. We all know my idea of “matching socks” means I’m wearing a sock on each foot. However, I love how blogging and my friends have given me opportunities to step into a world I normally only see in movies or magazines.

Lilly is the type of clothing I imagined I would wear when I “grew up” and become “a real adult”. I also used think I’d be a lawyer or politician or something else “powerful” One of the pieces I saw last night was a wonderful set of blue pants and a blue/white woven type blazer I absolutely LOVED. However, the truth of the matter is most of the clothing in there would be entirely inappropriate to wear to my current job. It would create an immense barrier between myself and my clients, and I don’t attend many dress-up functions. Alas this doesn’t mean I couldn’t look and pretend and tell all of YOU how fabulous it all is though!

Lilly’s theme for the year is Life’s a party, dress like it! Their fall theme is Fall with Abandon.

We kicked off the show with a short movie, introducing us to themes and concepts, pulled from the runway and pop culture. I loved how the simplest concept could be molded into a unique statement. Cocktail dresses with fringe as a nod to The Great Gatsby, but without the dated look. Loose fitting blouses with bold pink pomegranates as a sign of sensuality and decadence. Who knew?

The above photo is Alicia introducing Lilly and the fall line is next to her. Note I made a huge blogger fail and barely have any pictures of this line. Apparently getting caught up in the moment means forgetting how to push down on the camera button. Forgive? However, I did find a video on YouTube of a girl flipping through the Fall 2013 Lookbook. Oh, and I remember them emphasizing the idea of fall romance and bringing butterflies from spring into fall.

At the end of night, I didn’t leave with anything. Partially because we weren’t allowed to buy the fall line. Haha. Although I was tempted to buy things from their current line, including a 4th of July type dress which supposedly picked up sunlight and somehow was illuminated all night long? The red was a little too orange for me though.

I also spotted a zodiac themed dress, but the back was open and I wasn’t sure what type of bra I would need and additional effort of dressing myself is out of the question. Since I didn’t snap a picture I was able to find a write up on this random person’s blog.

Throughout the night I enjoyed learning more about Lilly, looking at clothing with friends and catching up with their lives. Thanks goes out to Alicia for the following pic/collage of some blogger friends and the fall finds.


I also had a chance to learn about the race and the foundation it benefits and am super pleased to be partnering with them and helping to raise funds for the cause.

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And don’t forget…Cleveland’s Jingle Bell Run/Walk will take place Sunday December 8th, 2013 up at Legacy Village. If you register before Labor Day the cost is only $20! If you’re not local to Cleveland search for one near you because JBRs are all over!

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