FitBloggin’ 2013 Recap : Saturday and Sunday

Hello again! Wanna know something cool? Today is my birthday! Yep, I am now 29 years young. More on that in a future post.

If you missed it, yesterday I posted about the first two days of my FitBloggin adventure. Today I will cover Saturday and Sunday. As a reminder, all pictures can be found in my Photobucket album HERE.


Once finished with karaoke, I made my way to my room. It was at least 1230 perhaps 100 AM and I was exhausted. If you read the recap you can understand why. Technically this happened on “Friday”, but I’m including it in today’s recap. My 5th roomie had a terrible experience with her flights and schedule and despite planning to be in Portland Friday early afternoon, she arrived at the hotel at about 130 AM. Yikes. She called and in my half sleep I went down the hall to lead her to the room. The other 4 of us were up again by 530 to attend 600 AM Yoga.


Yoga helped me wake up and get stretched in all the right places. I proceeded to then get fat on potatoes and eggs at breakfast (yum) and made my way over to my next exercise stop, the class I had been looking forward to taking for 9 months since last FitBloggin…the JumpSport Trampoline class!!!

Even though space was limited (I think people came who didn’t sign up in advance) we all managed to make it work safely. We partnered off and while 1 person used the trampoline the other would do floor exercises. I have not sweated so much in a class EVER. Constant motion for 60 minutes. Except for my quick break to meet the cow from Laughing Cow Cheese. My partner in crime was Kymberly from the amazing twin sister duo of Fun and Fit.

Doing a trampoline fitness class was one of the most unique experienced in my fitness life. Simultaneously I felt the thrill of being 10 years old and jumping high into the sky and thinking if I believed enough, I could fly, along with the stone cold fear and realization that I am NOT 10 and if I fall off this thing at a certain angle it is going to hurt like hell and possibly take a long time to heal. How do you come to grips with wanting to go “higher high” while wanting to be safely planted on the ground? Personally I said “screw it” and kept jumping.

Here is a video of the class. I’m not in it very much (sad panda), but you get a small glimpse of me and Kymberly around 3:24 – 3:30. I’m in the yellow and she’s in pink. Look for us other places too.

A really cool thing happened after the workout. A flash mob! I was so impressed with the way this group of people took over the EXPO floor and rocked it out.

Now that I was sufficiently sweaty, I went to sit in a room full of other people. How thoughtful huh? I went to a session on EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and learned how to use tapping to self soothe. This was a very challenging session for me and I wasn’t expecting it to be so rough. We were taught how and where to tap, and the general phrase. The first example given by an audience member was how she had gained weight since last year and was struggling. Hit so close to home. We went through the motions saying things like “Even though I gained weight since last year, I love and accept myself”. “I gained weight and it sucks, but I love and accept myself”. I was a ball of tears before we even got to “I love myself” and I couldn’t say it. I’ve come a long way with my various depression and anxiety issues, but the truth is I don’t like the weight I carry and I can’t say I love and accept myself, because it isn’t true. I’m working on it though. It also made me so thankful to my counselor for being in a place where I could comfortably sit through a session like that and so many other things that weekend, that were previously so out of my grasp.

Lunch hour(s) were on our own. Before we all took off though I insisted on a roomie picture. Holly was only with us Thursday and Friday, Elizabeth on Friday and Saturday. I’m glad I did too, because even though we weren’t all in our best state of dress, we didn’t have another moment where we were all together again. I never lived in a dorm or did the sorority thing, this was the closest I get to having to share so much with other women.

My newest roomie used to live in the Portland area so I went out on the town with her. We mostly walked around the Portland Saturday Market and enjoyed some fresh air and sunshine. And now looking at my photos, I wish I had taken more. ) ;

The last final informative sessions I attended were on making a media kit and getting paid vs paying your dues. Even if I looked like a zombie woman, I learned a lot in both sessions. Probably the most important thing I learned is my blog isn’t as “small” as I imagine myself to be. My stats are not the best ever, but they are not the worst either. I’m a lower middle class blog? No, I do well for myself and the more I interact with others and return the love the better I will become. When I think about it, it makes perfect sense. My two favorite brands for a long time have been Under Armour and Reebok. Recently the tides have turned to Reebok. Why? Not because they have created far better products or content. It’s because their social media presence and interaction is SO MUCH better than UA. At least from my perspective. And the bloggers I love? I don’t always read their posts, but love their interaction. Hmmm time to take my own cues…

At the end of the night, I was super sore, super tired and super ready to crash. Yet, I prettied myself up and went down to the “farewell” reception. They served food and gave a speech about a supplement company. I spent the night catching up with people one last time or for the first time. During the night they had a dance off with Chef Jason Roberts to try and win one of three FitBits. I figured “Why not” and kicked off my heels and went for it. I even pulled my friend Bonnie up on the little platform stage! People were taking pictures, but I hadn’t seen many posted. It was not enough to win, but I still had a great time.



Two people did post video on Instagram. I don’t think there is a way to embed, so check out the links HERE and HERE.

All good things come to an end though, and when I finished dancing I couldn’t find my ROJ necklace. I freaked out and was two steps away from tears when I finally found it. Go ahead and laugh, but I had two charms on my cord. The ROJ charm and a new FitBloggin charm. The ROJ charm managed to get caught in my hair while dancing! The FitBloggin charm was heavy enough in the front to make it hang normally though. OY what a dork moment.

It was hard to shake the sad feeling though, so I wondered upstairs to the fancy rooftop bar for the view…


…but all the rich people made the sad feeling worse so I went to my room instead. Other roomies were there soon enough and we all packed for the trip home the next day. We went to sleep again around 100 AM.


Finally a day of slight sleeping in! We woke up and went to the fun run at 700 AM. Who would have thought 7 would be a nice break from 6? Breakfast wasn’t until after the event, so I went ahead and met up with people to walk. Only I met up with the wrong group ad instead of walking 1 mile in order to safely catch my train for my flight. I met up with the 5K walkers. Eiip.

The walk around Portland was beautiful and the company was lovely. Without knowing it, I made the right “wrong” choice.

FitBloggin 5K
After the walk I had a VERY quick bite to eat, then made my way to the train stop. The airport was very efficient though, so no troubles bubbles. I flew Southwest home and LOVED it. They are by far my favorite airline. Two FREE checked bags and wonderful staff. I was even able to eat their in flight snacks!

There isn’t really too much to talk about for the trip home. I spent the day flying and making my way back into another time zone. I made it home and crashed out. It was a long and wonderful trip. It’s been great seeing everyone’s photos and videos and I know even more will show up in the next few weeks. Please consider joining in 2014. I promise you won’t regret it at all!

PS. I can’t believe I forgot to share pictures of the room we stayed in! Here is the room, as well as the view from the room.



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