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Hey friends! On Tuesday I achieved the great status of 29 years of life on this planet. Which means you all will hear all about my fears of turning 30 this time next year. In my attempt to embrace the inevitable, I have decided to create a 30 by 30 list.


Turns out not many people know about this, although they have heard of bucket lists.

Here’s the deal, 30 by 30 is a list of 30 things a person plans/hopes to accomplish before they turn 30 years of age. Simple, huh? Well, I’m very lucky and many of the things people put on these lists (run a marathon, take a trip out of the country) are things I have already done in my lifetime. Below I have a list of things I want to do in the next year (as realistically as possible) and have left several blank spots. The goal is to come back and update throughout the year and I encourage all of you to suggest/add things too.

1 Watch the movie “Goonies” – I never have, there’s probably others I should watch too

2 Pay for the meal of the person behind me at the drive-thru (or other random event)

3 Donate clothes and other belongings I no longer use/need

4 Work with a major brand on my own (not as part of a multi-person campaign)

5 Earn my independent licenses for Chemical Dependency and Mental Health

6 Decide which PhD route to take

7 Run half marathons in at least 3 new states

8 Take a vacation just for me (perhaps fly down to the Florida beach for the weekend?)

9 Have my writing published (again)

10 Be confident enough to wear a bikini in public (Notice I didn’t say thin enough, just confident enough)

11 Get a tattoo?

12 Eat only home-cooked meals for 30 days straight

13 Complete a 30 day run streak

14 Go to a drive-in movie (I’ve never been)

15 Earn my certification for ZUMBA instruction

16 Take a spontaneous road trip with friends for the night/weekend

17 Learn how to walk in heels (I really can’t, ask my Mom)

18 Convince one of my friends to let me babysit their tiny offspring for the night/day

19 Go to a psychic (I did when I was a teen, might be fun to go again)

20 Refresh my ASL skills/knowledge

21 Go scuba diving

22 See the Grand Canyon

23 Learn how to play chess

24 Take a stained glass class

25 “Solve” my food allergy issues

26 Audition for or hopefully be in a play (even a local production)

27 Pet a giraffe

28 ?

29 ?

30 ?

Tell me, what are your life goals? Do you have or did you have a 30 by 30 list? Want to use any of my ideas?

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