Insert Witty Title About Vacations

I’ve been trying to figure out a good way to say I’m on vacation. Looking at pictures and figuring out funny quotes when I came across this gem through Google Images

PERFECT. For me, a vacation isn’t just time spent on beach, an excuse for food, or being slightly antisocial at times…although I plan on all of that and more…it’s a time to reset my brain.

Leaving the state always put me into a mode where I could appreciate all I have and all I wanted for my future. Normally though I went into panic mode near the end. Will I EVER be stable in my job? Housing? Money? Whatever else? It’s nice to know, this time I leave for vacation in a good place and I come back from vacation in a good place. I can’t put into words what it means to me that I have, after so many years, achieved a place of stability and happiness.

I leave for Portland on Thursday, I will be unplugged other than Twitter or Instagram or other easy things on my phone. No blogging, no commenting, no Facebook. OK? When I get back I plan to do things like stay up all night playing video-games or watching movies. Taking my new bathing suit to the beach or simply sitting outside with my dog and a good book. I might do some site maintenance or reading of blogs, but my brain doesn’t want to worry about clients, or deadlines, or analytics for a while. I think you all understand.

I’ve never taken an extended hiatus or vacation from this blog in 4 years. I haven’t ever had a REAL adult vacation from a REAL adult career. I think it’s only natural to have both at the same time.

Love you all and I’ll be back soon!

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