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Ready for ANOTHER FitBloggin post? I just finished my chat with my fellow discussion leaders a few minutes ago (even if you’ll read this Wednesday or later) and I am hyped up on the FitBloggin juice!  I figured now is as good of time as any to give you the 411 on what I am planning to do with my time in Portland. With lots of pictures borrowed from various websites ( ;


I will depart Cleveland in the morning via United Airlines, land in Seattle, then move down to the Portland area arriving around 130PM. Coincidentally Alicia will be on the same flight(s). I’ll check into The Nines hotel and make sure there are keys enough for all my roomies. Alicia, Michelle and Amy. Do you see this room? OMG I DIE!


After checking in I will book-it down the street to Firebrand Sports for an exclusive FitBloggin Pyrolates class.


What in the world is Pyrolates? Well, from the Fireband website:

Lagree Fitness has come to Portland! At Firebrand Sports™, we call it Pyrolates™ and it is an addictive, total body, shirt-drenching, muscle-shaking 50-minute high energy, small group class incorporating a new form of fitness: innovative, results-driven Pilates-based intense circuit training on the state-of-the art Megaformer that jump starts metabolism and re-programs body composition. Pyrolates™ will not only change the way you workout – it will change your body!

I’m super psyched and will probably hurt myself in ways I never knew were possible! After the class I’ll head back down to the hotel for the social hour and name tag making session. This might be a good time to look for my lovely face or if you get real desperate hit me up on Twitter. I’m attached to my phone like it’s a life-source and we can track each other down.


Rise and Shine, it’s time for a 6AM bootcamp class! To be honest, this might not happen, but I really hope it does. 6AM is sooo early though! Then again with the time zone difference that’s like 9AM for me, right? Then I’ll eat some breakfast. yum yum

800-900 small group discussion on Getting Back from Gaining Back – Getting Past the Shame of Regain and Moving Forward from a Place of Enough. I think this small group discussion is something I NEED in my life right now. I gained back 30 pounds from my smallest point and I have been hard core struggling with losing it and the shame of “letting it happen”. I’ll more than likely be at the talk.

930-1030 is ZUMBA! Since I’m getting my own pair of official ZUMBA pants, how can I pass up this opportunity?


1100-1200 the ONLY session you need to know about is happening! MY session. Small Group Discussion: Tackling the Taboo of Therapy – The importance of mental and emotional health led by Christine Assaf and Julie Curtis. Also helping to lead the discussion are Cynthia and Alicia. 

Lunch and an athletic fashion show, which I just learned Alicia will be helping to model! Lucky lady!

130-330 and then 400-600 is up in the air, a few different sessions to attend, nothing I have my heart set on at the moment.

700 Ignite Fitness and Keynote time! Yippie!


6am: Time for SweatPink YOGA!

800-900 JumpSport trampoline fitness class


930-1030 Reebok’s CrossFit/WOD. I’ve never done CrossFit so this would be the perfect time to check it out, of course if I’m still standing. Yikes, have you SEEN this schedule so far?

1045-115 Free time to EXPLORE. Where should I explore? I know locally there is Nike and Columbia. Apparently, there is something called the Portland Saturday Market and I might find some unique treasures? Or several buddies are going to Voodoo Doughnut, I may stop by to look, but not taste. Any other ideas?


130-330 back to business with How to Create a Media Kit that Showcases Your Brand and Gets Companies Knocking on Your Door.

400-600 A set of times where I don’t know WHAT to do! I want to go to all of these presentations! Ugg! I did go to a SEO lecture last year, so maybe I could skip it this time around? I could go to part of the first one, then part of the photography one too? I just don’t know. Thank goodness for LiveBloggin!

  • Getting Paid vs. Paying Blogger Dues
  • How to Improve Your Blog Through SEO
  • Get Down to Business: Photography for Blogging: Tech, Art, and Heart
  • Get Down to Business: Google Analytics: Moving Beyond Page views

700: Very sad, but pretty goodbye reception


700AM (yippie not 6am!) Official FitBloggin 1 mile, 5K or 10K run/walk! This was SO MUCH fun last year and afterward I was given my favorite ever Reebok shirt. So super comfy and soft and fits so so well. This year I want to try for the 10K, but I don’t know if I will be able to after kicking my own butt all weekend. Better stick with the 5K so I can get to the airport in time.

1035 Goodbye Portland, I hardly knew you, hello Southwest Airlines and your BEAUTIFUL 2 bags fly free policy!  I am gonna be the SWAG queen!

Not always mentioned directly, but I’m sure they’ll be around during the breaks and at the EXPO the following FitBloggin Sponsors I can’t wait to see again or for the first time!

Sadly I will miss the following companies I had the great pleasure of seeing at FitBloggin 2012, but who seem to not be a part of this year’s fun:

  • Eggland’s Best (my co-speakers and I were just talking about how we LIVED on their eggs last year)
  • McCormick I went on their special offsite tour and only fell more in love with the brand
  • DetermiNation I loved filling out their signs last year and talking with the booth ladies
  • Unilever and the #Good2Know campaign
  • Pure Canadian Maple Syrup (it was soooo good)

Oh and now that I know I’ll have my kit, I’ll be bringing lots of good Aquaphor samples to the conference. Look for me in my official jacket! It should be similar to this picture I swiped from EBAY (shhh)


OK who is gonna come find me? What are you excited about attending while at FitBloggin?

4 thoughts on “How to Find Me at FitBloggin

  1. I am totally going to come find you. I am also doing the Pyrolates class and the trampoline class!!!! How are you getting from Seattle to Portland???? I live in Tacoma (just south of Seattle) and am debating about driving, or bus, or train, or hitchhiking!

    • My flight actually connects from Seattle to Portland, then I will probably take the train or whatever it is to the actual hotel.

  2. I agree with you about the Saturday afternoon sessions. I feel like they should be spread out a bit because they probably attract the same group of people. I want to go to all of them!

    If you are looking for something to do on Friday afternoon, I’ll be live blogging at the Reebok How to Pick the Perfect Shoe session!

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