Friday Food : A Baker’s Dozen of Vegetarian Meals

Once again it has come to be Friday! Woot woot, right? About two weeks ago I started a new “diet” plan, where I attempt to be vegetarian during the week, then I can be a bit more lax on the weekends. Due to some unavoidable work things where I was left fending for myself and couldn’t pack food I didn’t stick too strictly last week, but all in all I’d say 8 of the last 10 days were successful. I haven’t lost any weight according to the scale, but my pants are zipping again and that’s what matters. Also, I AM running every day so who knows how much of it is water weight from all the increased exercise?

What I wanted to do today was share some of the recipes I’ve been using for my meals, to show how easy it is to go meatless. Maybe try one or two of them this coming Monday if you do the Meatless Monday thing….why not try them all week long with me?

1. Three Cheese Zucchini Lasagna. A new one I found on Vegetarian Time a few weeks ago, it is a sauceless dish and I LOVE it!

2. Any of my 5 Simple Meal Ideas post: Spaghetti (minus the meatballs), soup + rice or potatoes, eggs + veggies, oatmeal + yogurt + fruit, cereal + fruit.

3. Another blast from the past 20 Minute Quinoa Dishes (you can also use rice)

4. Creamy Ricotta Spinach and Pasta

5. Egg Salad

6. Spaghetti-O‘s (again minus the meatballs)

7. Tortellini Soup (my recipe has sausage, take it out)

8. Pierogies (I have a posting for Whole Wheat stuffed with Sweet Potatoes)

9. Shepherd’s Pie

10. Stuffed Shells

11. Streamed Fettuccine Primavera

12. Spinach, Feta, and Tomato Quiche

13. Sweet Potato and Spinach Mac & Cheese from Naturally Ella

So what do you think? See something you might make in the coming weeks? Any suggestions on new meals I should try?

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