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Do you remember last spring when I set out to discover how I define What’s Beautiful? Over the 8-10 weeks of the first round of Under Armour’s campaign, I fell in love with a brand’s message and rediscovered what it was for me to be a female athlete. We shared smiles, tears, and fears via pictures and videos.  I almost made it to 100 pushups! When I started I could barely do 3. Now, Under Armour is at it again!

UA_Costa Rica

When round 2 popped up I was not in a place to compete due to health issues, so when I saw there was going to be a round 3, I was over the moon! Thanks to FitFluential I also have the opportunity to promote the movement on a deeper level. You can find my profile here or make your own. Side note: Yes, there are a lot of us with FF promoting this event, if you feel in any way this makes our posts less truthful I may suggest following my friend Julie of Am I There Yet? She is also participating and is not affiliated.


In addition to liking their clothing. I am SERIOUSLY obsessed with my tech tees. I also support their message. A few weeks ago I was at the Under Armour outlet near my home and read a poster about the new #IWill tags. Did you know UA was founded in 1996? By a 23-year old! The women’s line debuted in 2003, the same year UA began using the motto “Protect this house”. The story goes, 0 years later a new generation of athletes have emerged and are responding by saying “I Will”. I will protect this house. I will achieve new goals. I will support others.

Under Armour continues to redefine what it is to be a female athlete and to reach out to all of you….all of us…to tell them what it means and what it means to be beautiful. Is it beautiful to run a new marathon PR? Is it beautiful to perfect your lotus pose? Maybe you want to became a coach for an organization such as Girls on the Run? Or you simply want to step up and be a part of a nationwide movement of support and happiness. If so I invite you to join me in the round 3 campaign.

If you visit the website you’ll see all the details, but I know many of you are asking, what IS the deal with all of this? Essentially it is a competition. Over the 8 week period you submit various videos or pictures on your profile to chronicle your journey toward a goal or set of goals. Some of what you submit is based upon prearranged “challenges” by UA such as the initial topic, “From the Mountain Top” when you first declare your goal.


With round 3 there is now a challenge archive where users can track current options as they are completed, as well as work toward previous challenges. For me, it is nice to look back on what I uploaded last year and try to improve. After the contest period ends,10 finalists will be announced. Of those 10, 3 will be selected as ultimate winners. What do they win?

Three winners will be flown to Costa Rica to attend a four-day yoga and surf retreat. In addition to the lessons led by world-class instructors, winners will be treated to transformative massages, spa treatments and healthy, locally-sourced meals prepared by personal chefs. All while staying in plush accommodations looking out at the ocean. A retreat worthy of the women who earn it.

The first time I did this promotion I knew I was too caught up in the idea of winning. I was jealous of friends completing goals. I stayed up at night thinking of ways to make my images or videos better. There was a side of me turning ugly for the sake of recognition. This time around, I honestly am not thinking of the prize. It not that I don’t think I’m “good enough”, but knowing I lost so much when I let the green eyed monster shine through helps me to keep a balance.


Under Armour’s ‘What’s Beautiful’ campaign should be about coming together as a community and supporting each other to try new things and push to new limits. Within safety and reason.  UA must have recognized this because in this round of fun there is a teams feature! In addition to your own goal(s) you can join in with friends or strangers and create challenges and/or show support. I know I’ve already joined teams to support trail running, yoga, and new PRs. My personal goal happens to be a new PR in every category of running, but I love yoga so why not also be a part of that team? It’s about having fun and growing after all!

UA_Take back

I also need this campaign for my mental and emotional health. We know I’ve been struggling lately. A LOT. There are still good days and bad. There may be for a while. There may be forever. I want things to embrace on the good days though and this is one of those things.

I hope you’ll join as we all move forward in this campaign  Besides, you’ll probably be hearing a lot about it over the next few weeks so why not join?

For those who follow all various social media you can find this campaign on Twitter with the tag #WhatsBeautiful or #IWILL. You can also follow Under Armour or Under Armour Women on Twitter or visit/like their Facebook page.

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  1. I love the What’s Beautiful program. It is so awesome to bring together all of these amazing women. I love the team concept too. And I appreciate learning a little about the history of Under Armour. I really do love their products, but I didn’t know they’ve been around since 1996.

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