Turn Any Light into the Spotlight!

Last week I had the great pleasure of attending the “Turn Any Light into the Spotlight” event at Charles Scott Salon in Rocky River. The event was hosted by ELLE magazine and Wella Professionals. I learned about it from a new Blogger outreach service called Canopi.  In exchange for attending and writing about my experience I was treated to a night of pampering.


I drove about an hour to my location, where I was relieved of the annoyance of driving by valet service! Once inside I walked to the reception area, looking around and being amazed at the beauty. Well beauty except for the ELLE cover featuring one of my top 5 celebs I wish would just go away and not come back. Haha. (Not being a hater, not wishing anything bad upon her, just don’t care for anything about her).


Everything was black & white with pops of color. Even those working the event were wearing little black dresses with bold heels. There was a lovely sitting area, the nail salon section and the various hair stations. I would learn the spa and makeup area were toward the back and left. It was a little time lord science with how expansive the inside was compared to what you might expect.



After entering, I was offered champagne with strawberries, but asked for a bottle of water instead. I was brought tap water and after confirming 3 times it was “plain water” I tried it and told one of the ladies it tasted “funny”. She told me it probably had strawberries and other fruit in the serving bowl. Trying not to be too irritated I explained I have allergies and it would be great if I could have the bottle of water. They of course apologized  and I wasn’t too upset, but the fact remains I asked if it was normal water, they said it was normal water, it wasn’t normal water. The rest of the night I was too nervous to trust the food, and for sure missed out on some wonderful treats! I know from other people there was a desert area, but I missed it completely!


Soon I felt better as I was being treated to a fabulous night. My hair dresser curled my hair and showed me a fun new cone type tool. I really liked the wave effect it had on me, and wish I had some type of spray or gel to hold it. All their products were scented so I had to pass.


Once my hair was done I decided to skip makeup and wondered around talking to various blogger friends. I saw Julie and Julie. Met a girl named Katie and saw a girl I already knew named Katie…who had a very special 25th birthday on Friday! I saw Kimberly, but didn’t get to talk with her and there was also Crystal who I always love talking with because she has one of the warmest smiles I have ever seen. Oh and I saw Jess too, a girl I met my first year of running and have only seen via social media the past several years.

Other highlights included meeting the owner of the salon, professional pictures with a backdrop (one of my weaknesses), and a live DJ. I joked around with my blogger girls that I should start a new blog called “Don’t let the Coach purse fool you: I don’t belong here”. The thing is though, no one was making me feel this way except myself. The staff was warm and welcoming, the attendees were warm and welcoming, not a single judgment was passed, except by me on myself. OK and by me when I saw “Color for your hair down there”.


Tell me that isn’t funny to you! Anyway….after I calmed down and enjoyed the experience I opted to have my nails done. I have only had my nails done professionally one other time. When I went to Kansas City to see my friend Jen last January. I blame it on trail running, but really I miss having my nails look nice. I used to spend HOURS in middle school and high school painting them and decorating them with toothpicks and fun design. I took to Twitter and Instagram for some help in picking a color and settled on yellow. It’s been fun having bold, bright, spring time nails. It was certainly a step outside of my comfort zone and I’m glad I went for it.


Wella and ELLE also gave us nice little gift bags when we left featuring samples of their hair products, a water bottle and the latest ELLE issue. Canopi will also be sending a special gift to my house. I’m excited to see what other goodies I will receive!

It was a lovely evening and I’m glad I went. I know this isn’t really a fashion blog, but I’m still a female and for me embracing being a female approaching 30 sometimes involves pampering and looking pretty. Thank you ELLE, Wella and Canopi for the experiece. Ladies (or men) in the Cleveland area you should check out Charles Scott Salon & Spa (two locations) and Bloggers you should look into hooking up with Canopi for the inside scoop to your local events.  I leave you with this picture, which I found on Q104’s site (a local radio station) following a link to their review. Obviously, I wasn’t tagged in it, but I’m still excited to be in an image used by someone/something important.


Make sure you check Twitter and Instagram with @WellaHairUSA or the tag #ELLEMagazine for other moments from the event.

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