Three Things Thursday: Quality vs Quantity

I’m not one of those people who typically writes posts in advance. I will do that on occasion with product reviews, but for the day to day stuff I prefer to write in the moment. Of course the catch to this is I often “fall behind” when I don’t catch my moments to write the way I would prefer. What’s been keeping me busy this week? Try these 3 things for your Thursday meme enjoyment.

#1 Monday, I went to Zumba and the gym. I also began a little thing known as a book. What book you ask?



Yep. I have drunk the Kool-aid and I am reading it before the movie releases, becaise I like to do such things. I’m hear amazing things about the movie too, so I don’t want to delay.

#2 Tuesday, I worked a 12 hour shift. I normally don’t do this, but I had a coworker call off and I agreed to cover. This will be AWESOME next Tuesday when I flex my time and only work 3 hours. For now, it is adding to my mental/emotional/physical exhaustion. I came home and wrote about the magazines I read over the weekend.

#3 Wednesday, I went back to work and began my day with ANOTHER group. Approximately 12 hours before I ran a group of 10 people. Mind you this is Drug and Alcohol treatment counseling. Now the next morning I am running another group of 7 people. This group however is for people who are deeper into the addiction process. I took them for a walk and they were having so much fun we covered  5 MILES! Yikes. After lunch I ran a 3rd group of 10 people, similar to the one from Tuesday night. My brain was DOA by the time I walked out the door at 4PM.. However, after work I attended a tour of the new Earth Fare, now open in Solon, Ohio.



Bonus: Tonight I went to water aerobics and really pushed myself. I’m sore and exhausted and typed up Friday Food! Yipppie.

So I ask you readers, would you prefer steady posts? Written in advance, where the information is lovely, but the feelings/day to day reactions are missing or plain? Or do you prefer less of a set schedule, but knowing everything you read is coming from my heart and mind to you as it is created and fresh off the experiences presses?

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