Race Report : ADM Recovery Challenge 5K

On Saturday my friends, coworkers, and family took to the grounds of the Interval Brotherhood Home in Akron, OH for the first annual ADM Recovery Challenge 5K! R/C was an obstacle course run filled with lots of fun for runners of all ages and abilities. I saw toddlers on the course and I know a man approaching 80 also completed the challenge!

Personally I brought my Mom, sister, and Jason along for the fun. No one will believe me, but I was up and ready on time! I opted to wear my Pretty Muddy shirt, hoping some people who want to check it out in the fall. As a happy Zensah ambassador I also wore a pair of my compression socks. My legs were comfy the entire time and as usual I received SO MANY compliments. One lady told me I was the “Best Dressed” another said I should win “Best Socks” about a mile later.

IMG_2537It wasn’t hard to figure out where to go from the field for parking and we made our way into a gymnasium area. I have to give the race committee props for the wonderful execution of parking and registration. Some first-year events fail on both accounts, but both seemed to be smooth and flawless for me. The ladies picked up gear while Jason registered. I also scoped out the prizes table. Then we formed a line and all pinned each other since we were required to wear bibs on our backs. SWAG included a blue t-shirt, various promotion pamphlets  one of those reusable cloth grocery bags, pens/pencils, band-aids, a lint brush and several pieces of food/candy.


8758811426_ac44d165c1_o IMG_2538

We all went outside to enjoy the nice weather and ran into my friend and coworker Deonna and her new boyfriend Thomas.


Soon we were all off and into the excitement of the race.


IMG_2546Mom and Becky “ran” off ahead while Deonna, Jason, and I all walked the course and chatted. Along the way we saw another coworker, Nellie, and had a blast overcoming obstacles like a spider’s web, jumping logs, a balance beam, low crawling, hale bale climbing, tire jumps, and of course the grand finale of a slip-n-slide type finish!IMG_2548 IMG_2551 IMG_2553 IMG_2557

8759234204_dfa4189f66_o IMG_2562 IMG_2565

For even more great pictures check out the Flickr stream for the race.

There were two different water stops along the way, plenty of course markings, and WONDERFUL crowd support. After we had Subway sandwhiches, fruit, chips, candy and lots of other goodies along with more water. For those who have never done a 5K I think it was a great event. Speaking as someone who had never done one before, Jason enjoyed himself. I think it was also Deonna’s first time and she liked it too! Mom and Becky were all smiles. I may have been the only one not overly excited, but I guess it may be because some of the obstacles were a little too “kid friendly” for me. This was about families and community support though, if I wanted rough I should go do a Tough Mudder, right?

If you’re local I would highly suggest you come over and run with us next year for year #2! I mean let’s be honest, looking at those pictures you KNOW you could have spared $25 and joined in, right?

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