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I have good news. I have been really happy lately. My house has remained clean and not just in a “I won’t catch any diseases” way.  An honest to goodness I could have impromptu company and not care version of clean. My energy has been loads better, which means I can do small tasks every day, leaving weekends for fun in the sun. This is good because Ohio has finally picked up on the spring memo and we have sun again!

Part of what I have been doing with my free time is reading over magazines I’ve collected. I like to have a small stack of fitness related magazines in my living room to make me look cool, but I rarely have time to read them. Last week I managed to get through two though and I want to share my favorite pieces of information and see what your reactions are too. Images are limited, so let’s use fun colors today!

First we have the February 2013 edition of Fitness.

Fitness-Feb 2013

Fitness is one of those magazines I can remember reading long before I ever became a runner. It was something I would flip through and imagine myself being like the women pictured or written about when I grew up. Last year I competed in the Fitterati awards and managed to come in top 20. It wasn’t good enough for a final feature, but I was proud. I’d still love to be one of the “Fit Bloggers We Love”. Whoa back on track. I was reading the Feb 2013 edition and I came across the following items:

Page 32: A recent study found negative media stories increased women’s stress levels more than men’s and even make them more anxious during future nerve-wracking situations. Solution? Catch up on the news while on the treadmill to counter the effects.

As I read the first part I was thinking “OMG I’m not crazy”. I refuse for the most part to watch the news. I’ve mentioned it here tons and even more in real life. I can’t deal with the horror and the sadness. It is a protective qualities to my sanity. Several other counselor friends and the counselor I am currently working with on my own have all confirmed they have similar thoughts on the news. The solution part was interesting to me though, and I think I might give it a try. Instead of watching random comedy shows while at the gym, maybe I’ll give the news a go. It wouldn’t be the WORST thing in the world to be more informed I suppose. 

What do you think? How do you get your news? Do you find it stresses you out more (as a woman) or if you’re a man does it seem the women in your life react differently?

Page 88: Within an article on stress. Seven Signs You’re Too Stressed.

  • You feel that you need a drink at the end of the day
  • You’re irritable and short-tempered; you snap at people
  • You overeat or lose your appetite
  • You make more mistakes than usual
  • You have trouble paying attention
  • Your sleep habits change. Especially if you repeatedly wake up very early in the morning, worrying about the same thing (such as bills)
  • You turn down social invitations because seeing friends and family seems like too much effort

Since even ONE of these lasting longer than a few days/weeks can be a concern, imagine my reactions when I said “ALL of them” for the past several months to maybe over a year. I am not a heavy drinker. I did my share of parties in undergrad, but for the most part I get crazy with a Cherry Coke. Over the last year I found myself more and more drawn to nights out with a drink or staying home with one. I jokingly told a friend when we went to a basketball game together I finally found a way to relax so people can deal with me again. Everything else also applies and I can see improvements in myself the last few weeks while attending counseling because I can see how some of the bullets no longer apply. Yippie! If you are reading and seeing yourself in these items my advice is PLEASE don’t “wait it out” why waste any more time not being happy and not being your best version of you? Seek out a friend or a professional, there is no shame in wanting to feel better.

What signs do you notice in yourself when you’re feeling stressed? What are your tips for keeping stress at bay?

Page 100: The story about a girl with a cardiac event at age 27. This quote:

“I lost that sense of invincibility and possibility that you’re supposed to have when you’re young”

I cried when I read those words. Her whole story touched me, both for her sake and with every passing concept I related to after my own cardiac issues last year. Older friends “kinda” understood me, people with “other” health problems understood me, but there wasn’t anyone MY age with HEART concerns. I couldn’t put into words what was taken from me until I read Summer’s story. My own body wanted to betray me. My heart. I was 27 at the time too. I would give anything to be able to reach out to Summer. We didn’t and don’t have the same condition, but she gets it more than anyone ever could. I wish there was a support group for young people dealing with this kind of thing, because I still can’t make sense of it most days. I spent the last 18 months afraid of anything and everything and what she said is true, I lost the sense that I was young and I could face anything, I lost the belief that I was capable of anything I wanted.

Have you every faced a medical crisis? Do you find the need to reach out to others in the same boat?

Next we have the May 2013 issue of Women’s Running.

May 2013 Women's Running

How cute is Jordin Sparks? WR is a magazine I found a few years ago and for whatever reason it sunk into my heart. It wasn’t as mainstream as other publications at the time, so the stories and products were not always the same thing over and over again. I read WR to find out about new races or near gear I know I wouldn’t read about in other sources simply because it seems to be about who had the money for product placement and who didn’t. WR also featured a quote of mine in their July/Aug 2011 issue. Women’s Running has the “Blogger on the Run” series and it is one I’d LOVE to be a part of too someday, last month the featured my friend and former FitBloggin roomie Laura of Mommy, Run Fast!

Page 28: One-Hit Wonders. Fun 1 mile races around the US. If one mile isn’t your style flip to page 48 for some longer miles both on foot and in the air for location!

  • Cupcake Classic Backwards Mile. Held April 20, 2013 in Olympia WA (so we’re a little late for this year). Participants run or walk backward for 1 mile before entering the cupcake fest!
  • Newton Heartbreak Hill Road Race. Take on the famous hill of the even more famous Boston Marathon! This race is held every year so in 2014 make sure you save April 20th! Once you conquer your mile come back the next day to cheer on those in the marathon.
  • Platinum Performance State Street Mile. A down hill race sure to give you a run for your money. Bring yourself and/or your 4-legged friend and race down the pal-covered path toward the finish. A great destination and a PR? Yes, please?! Santa Barbara, California on 6.2.13.

I don’t actually know many local one-mile races. I think the one I always enjoy is the Labor Day 1 mile race where I can just pound out my all and see what summer training has done for me. I can’t even remember who puts it on anymore! Yikes!

What races do you know about in your area which are fun 1-mile adventures?

Page 37: The MilestonePod. Have you seen this thing? It’s this tiny little USB looking thing you attach to your shoes and it track mileage for you so you know when it’s time to rotate your precious.  Also on this page…don’t wear flip-flops! They don’t properly support the foot and can lead to pain, discomfort and plantar fasciitis! Don’t worry not all sandals are off limits, just make sure you get a pair with proper support. WR suggestions brands such as Rockport, Merrell or Keen.

I honestly think I could use one of these because I am terrible about paper and pencil tracking. At only $15 per pod it is reasonable too! As far as the other thing, I don’t really wear sandals, let alone flip-flops. I actually hate “thong” shoes, one too many times they’ve cut into the sides of toes. Lots of friend wear them though and I wonder if they know what they’re doing to their poor feet?

How you track your shoes for rotation? Do you wear flip-flops?

Page 40: Starts a story on proper eating before various distances. They cover 5K to 26.2.

The food listed in this story is amazing. Way too often magazines will tell you to eat things many people don’t buy or may not have tried recently. For example I know many people love quinoa right now, but I almost know many others who haven’t wanted to try it. The food suggestions are a little more mainstream and typical. Some may find it boring, I find it refreshing and easy to follow.

What are your favorite foods before a big or small race? Do you prefer a more “traditional” cuisine or do you like to try new flavors?

Thanks for joining me on my discussion of finds from magazines. Please share your favorite stories or issues in the comments. There is this thing called the library so I would love to go and check them out for myself!

PS. Not gonna lie, I wrote this after working a 12 hour shift. So if there are typos, they are my gift to you for proof I am a real person. Thanks loves. Have a wonderful night/day! Tomorrow I am super excited to be going to the new Earth Fare in Solon! Woot. I’ll be working with them to bring you a review and then I’ll be enjoying the gift card they give me in return! Ha!

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