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This is a fun little post to write, because I get to just sit back and chat with you about LIFE. Somehow I decided talking fitness isn’t the same as talking life and maybe that’s the wrong attitude? Hmm. Still, here is what I like to do, or have been doing when I’m not working or sweating. And no I won’t go on and on about cooking or cleaning, because that is implied. Here are the FUN things I like to do!

A few weeks ago I ventured out with a friend to the grand opening of the new Microsoft store in Beachwood. I wasn’t so excited about the store as I was about the FREE Kelly Clarkson concert! As part of the promotion the first 100 people in line were able to be a part of a special meet and greet. Shane and I traveled up after I got off from work and waited patiently. LOTS of people were standing by the mall, but we were told they were not allowed to line up early and would be moved. We waited in the parking lot with several others also following the rules.


When they called time to line up though….no one was moved from the “fake line”! Despite our best scrambling efforts, we were #102 and #103 in line. I was MAJORLY bummed. We opted not to stay outside all night (and try our luck the next day for regular tickets) and went home to sleep off our sorrows. Luckily some friends we made in line hooked me up the next day. Each person was given 2 concert tickets and their group only needed one each, so I was able to attend the show! I lined up SUPER early for the show since it was all general admission and snagged essentially a front row spot. It was a beautiful experience. KC is one of my FAVORITE singers of all time. And no I’ve never watched American Idol, so I’m not just coming from that crowd. Her lyrics and her body image/attitude I relate to on such a deep level. She’s an amazing person from what I can tell. The most down to Earth part of her show was when she realized after her first song that her zipper was down. She laughed and said to the crowd “Do you like my pretty blue panties y’all” then asked us to please tweet pictures at her so she could make fun of herself.


Being at the show, even if I was tired and sore and being sleeted on…it was a therapeutic experience. Suddenly years of joy and pain and angst and so much were brought to the surface as I remembered what each song meant to me. I cried, I laughed, I soaked in the whole experience.

Kelly Clarkson Concert

To see all my pictures from the show, including two not so high quality videos check out my photobucket album here. I should also share, Microsoft was having various grand opening giveaways. Thanks to a tweet I sent out I was randomly selected as a winner! I walked away with a brand new XBOX 360 with Kinect bundle.


Last weekend I attended an “adult” East Egg hunt. Which sounds dirty, but I assure you it is not. Down at Lock 3 in Akron the grounds were covered in hundreds of plastic eggs. Inside the eggs were candy and possibly slips of paper with numbers. The numbers matched various prizes ranging from bath lotions or candles to a grill or a 32″ LED TV. Deonna and I were planning to go a week earlier, but it was delayed due to rain. We arrived Friday night and paid our $8 admission fee. I noticed everyone else had MUCH larger bags so I ran to my car and upgraded. I picked out my EggLand’s Best bag because I thought eggs would like an egg bag. Hehe. I also wore my headlamp, because I am a dork and I thought having an empty hand would be…”handy”.

Once it was dark we were set free onto the grounds. Normally there are 100’s of people who do this event. This was my first year and only about 30-40 people seemed to be there! I ran around and collected as many eggs as possible. It was quite the little workout and my legs were sore from doing weights at the gym directly before! Inside we had the tedious task of opening ALL the eggs. It paid off though, because I walked away the proud owner of the 32″ LED TV. Haha. It’s a good match for the XBOX from the week before!

Egg Hunt

The next morning Jason and I went to the LEGO store up at Beachwood and made some mini versions of us as LEGO people. Then we watched the final Lord of the Rings movie. We watched the other two a few weeks before. It was quite the geeky day for me.


THIS weekend I attended the 2013 MedWish International Band Aid Bash. I won tickets thanks to Jen of Why CLE? I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I had fun nevertheless.

I entered for the chance to win a 1994 Porshe and placed a silent auction bid on a beautiful vase. Sadly, my luck has run out and I did not come home with either. While there I did run into some other fun blogger ladies and was able to show off my new hair cut. Haha.


Then home again home again to crash and sleep! I opted to skip Forget the PR on Sunday…my leg is better, but not full force and I didn’t want to push it. Also I’ve been hella busy lately and don’t want to push myself to exhaustion.

So what do YOU do on your weekends? Are you as busy as I have been lately? Do you tend to be lucky at contests?

PS. For my local buddies. Earth Fare is opening a new store in Solon on May 8th. To celebrate they’re giving away 30 $30 gift cards. Yep, (1) $30 gift card each day until May 7th! Mind you this is only for the new store, so sorry everyone else. Follow this link for more information. http://earthfare.tumblr.com/post/47116861378/solon30days And check back after the 8th for my review of the new store.

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  2. How did I not know about this easter egg hunt?!?! How fun! I would have loved to see Kelly live. I love her music and her personality (well, that I can see from TV since I’ve never met her, haha). What a lucky time you had!!

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