I went to the gym Wed. This is slowly becoming a normal routine for me, but I wasn’t too sure what I would be doing once I arrived. See, I knew I needed my 5 by the 5th for Laura, but I didn’t know if I felt like running. I was on time for a weight class, too late for the Zumba class, and generally all over the place. Treadmills and ellipticals didn’t sound exciting, the bike wouldn’t do much good, I was in a funk. Luckily one of my Klout perks arrived and I was super excited to try out the headphones, so I opted for running.


In retrospect I could have taken the dog for a walk/run like I did the night before, but I wanted to get a more serious work out accomplished and the dog is not quite at her peak health…then again, neither am I. You can tell from the way she is completely deflated in the car on the ride home.

IMAG0549 IMAG0550

Like I said, we did have fun running 2 miles on the trails …but this was the night to really burn some calories. Or so I planned. The headphones come with 3 different sized ear pieces. The middle size seemed to fit fine and I went about my business.Within the first few minutes I could feel the headphones bouncing way too much. Making adjustments where I could, they seemed to want to spread apart and kept pulling out of my ears. On a positive note, it was super easy to find the control buttons! I settled into a steady pace and shoved the pieces as far into my ears as they would go. This seemed to work for about a mile or so, then the sweat really began to flow. As the sweat made its way down my face the ear pieces completely lost their grip/position/whatever and popped out with no hope of recovery. Here’s hoping the next size down or up will provide a tighter ear fit.

Oh, remember I told you all about the January Jumpstart at my gym? Maybe I didn’t? Well, if you do so many days a week and so many minutes you were entered into some cool drawing.  I didn’t win, so I stopped logging. I totally forgot they have a consistency program though! Oops! My name is on the wall for 1-3 months of consistency, but that will soon change since I stopped logging. SILVER LINING! There’s a new program kicking up in April. Actually TWO programs. One is SPRINGO where you work out at least 3x a week 30 minutes each time. When you do you are allowed to draw a number. Everyone has a “Springo” card and you can mark off your number is drawn. You’re allowed so many “springos” total with prizes each time. If you do at least so many of the weeks you win a shirt. All for $10, so yea I’m in like Flynn. During the 2nd week the other program starts. It’s a program to try and walk 7,000 or 70,000 or whatever amount of steps in I think 7 days? You’re given a free pedometer and tracking sheet. Why not? Sounds like fun! I love things like this to keep and get me motivated.

Tonight and tomorrow I am working on my applications for Nuun Hood to Coast team as well as a spot for Team Aquaphor! I’ve waited 3 or 4 years to apply for Aquaphor, so I’m more than tad nervous. Sunday is Fools Run 25K. I’m a busy busy bee. Hope you’re all happy and busy bees too!

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    • It is! I’m loving the Springo thing and I’ve actually now become mildly obsessed with me pedometer. Worse things to worry about though, right?

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