Hey friends. I have so much wonderful stuff to share with you, but my brain is trying to kill me. I think it is attempting to bleed out of my ears. Help? OMG whatever you do, do NOT Google “Bleeding brain”.

I STILL have some awesome product reviews to share with you. I feel horrible because it’s taken me so long to publish them I think it makes me the worst reviewer ever. Again I am majorly sorry to Max Freeze and Simply Snackin I DO plan to show mucho love to your products. I also want to tell everyone to give a visit to Kind Healthy Snacks if you have not lately. They have expanded from their well known and from what I understand well LOVED bars into the granola business. Yes, it seems like empty promises, but I plan to make it worth the wait. I plan to do VIDEO. Oooo fancy fancy.

I also plan to share my epic Kelly Clarkson story, the story of an adult Easter Egg Hunt and other tales of luck.

For now let’s focus on two pieces of good news.


I have officially been accepted onto Team Aquaphor for the 2013 season. My blogging side goals have been achieved this year! I am speaking at a conference (FitBloggin) I am sponsored by a Aquaphor and I also have an ambassadorship with a great clothing company (Zensah). Yep, I feel like somebody! Now what to set my sites on next?


I don’t want to get anyone too excited, but I seem to bee keeping up with a good gym schedule and my leg is starting to not hurt as much. I like to call this the “Do what I told you to do to begin with” miracle.

See, I’ve been foam rolling it, stretching, and working on core strength and balance. I’ve been doing 30-45 minutes of weights 2-3x a week for the last few weeks along with yoga or stretching and the rolling. Interestingly enough, the pain is subsiding. Let’s keep it that way. At least until after the 25K on Sunday.

Maybe I’m a runner and a hiker? I love to do the ultras, but I have MUCH more fun hiking them them running. I still LOVE to run the 1/2 marathons and below though. Hmmm compromise?

OK loves I can’t sit upright anymore…it all hurts. I called off sick this morning I felt so icky. I’ll be back soon. XOXO

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