Race Preview : ADM Recovery Challenge 5K

Hello everyone! There is a VERY special event taking place in the Akron, OH area next month. On May 18th there will be the first of what will hopefully become an annual event. The ADM Recovery Challenge 5k! Wooooooooot! A new, local obstacle 5K, where you don’t need to get too muddy or wear funny costumes…but you can if you want! And for those wanting to dip their toe into this new craze, the price can’t be beat!



The ADM Board is very important to me because they are a major source of what keeps my field going. In all honesty, even if I were to leave the field tomorrow, they would still be important to me because of what they do for the community.

From their website:

The ADM Board is responsible for seeing that effective and affordable treatment and prevention services are available in Summit County for adults, teens and children with mental illness and/or alcohol or other drug addiction. Contracts with local agencies ensure state of the art services and supports are available for individuals and families at critical times in their lives. With leadership provided by a local board of directors, the ADM Board assesses needs, plans services and evaluates their impact. Through the support of a local property tax levy, the ADM Board provides opportunities for recovery and hope for a better life.

This year to help raise money they are taking it to the streets! Err grass? For a fun and adventurous obstacle course!

Just as individuals in recovery from mental illness and/or addictions face obstacles, so, too, will people who take on this challenge.

A local agency known as the Interval Brotherhood Home. IBH as many of us know it, has been gracious enough to loan their space to the event. IBH is home to many persons in recovery. It is a place people can stay (yes live) and have constant support while in early stages of recovery.

Obstacles include:

  • “Balancing Act” Beam
  • Tire Challenge
  • Serpentine through the Trees
  • Crawl Challenge
  • Spider Web Rope Challenge
  • Log Leap
  • Hop Challenge
  • Slip and Slide
  • Hay Bale Climb

There will be two different “waves” for the event. One for those who are serious runners and want to race against the clock. Another wave will be for those looking to get out there and explore, or those with children. Each obstacle will also have available modifications  making it possible for anyone to enjoy the event.

Have you seen the lil green man around? Well, he is affectionately known as ADaM (get it?) and he is hoping you’re getting as excited about this event as we all are in the local agencies and beyond! Check it out, cardboard ADaM came to our staff meeting the other week and I clearly couldn’t pass up such a great photo op!

Recovery Challenge ADaM
The race begins at 900 AM.  Those going for chip-time will take off first. Followed by staggered starts of all those not needing to be timed. Cost? $25 to be timed until 5/16/13 then it’ll be $30. For non-timed entrants the cost is $15, moving up to $20 after 5/16/13. The event includes tee-shirts, goody bags and age group awards.

Interesting in signing up? Or if you need more info : check out the official flyer, visit the Facebook page, or if running isn’t your thing, please consider volunteering

Check out :13 to :14 for your favorite blogger. ( ;

Do you like obstacle 5Ks? What has been your favorite? What’s holding you back?

Hope to see you there!

5 thoughts on “Race Preview : ADM Recovery Challenge 5K

      • Yes it’s a ski resort in the winter. It’s open in the spring and summer for obstacle races. I Did a 5k last year there. It’s called Mudstash. Since it was a ski resort the course was hilly. So tiring but fun! 🙂

        Have fun!!!

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