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Hello! Welcome to the long awaited review of Simply Snackin. Actually it isn’t TOO long awaited. I noticed the date on the letter in the box was from the start of March, so now I don’t feel as terrible about the wait. Sometimes my life feels like dog years. One week lasts for months and things of the sort.

Early disclosure, I was contact by Maureen in February asking if I could review the Simply Snackin products in return for free samples. I agreed and about a month later they were at my door step! (Please note if you’d rather watch the video of my review, it is at the bottom, feel free to scroll down).

Simply Snackin
I agreed because I have been searching for a while for a way to get protein while training. Due to my many food issues most items on the market are off limits to me. Luckily there were several varieties of the Simply Snackin I was able to eat and enjoyed too!

A little background information from their website:


Simply Snackin evolved from a passion to give consumers a higher quality, nutritious, convenient meat snack that didn’t use fillers, chemicals or low-quality ingredients.

Tom’s working knowledge of a centuries-old Native American meat dehydration process that produced jerky-like pemmican, and Sue’s willingness to experiment and invent tantalizing flavor profiles led to a variety of moist, savory beef sirloin and first-of-its-kind chicken breast snacks that were high-protein, low-calorie alternatives to conventional jerky…

Our Vision

….made using quality ingredients and innovative flavor profiles, Simply Snackin products provide a high protein, low calorie between-meal pick-me-up that is always savory, always satisfying — and always ready to go with you.

Each of the six varieties is 60 calories, 8-11g protein, zero saturated fat, 3-5g carbs and a fraction of the sodium of traditional dried meats. Most varieties are lactose-free and gluten-free and all of the individually wrapped, one-ounce pieces are vacuum packed to preserve freshness and quality.

Here is a picture of one of the chicken products opened, for a closer look at the texture. Looks a little like toy bacon, don’t you think?

Simply Snackin opened
In the chicken family (with links to order if you would like)

Simply Snackin chicken

In the beef family:

Simply Snackin beef

My favorite was the chicken, black beans and salsa. It was like having a mini Chipotle stop on the trail! I also liked the Italian chicken. Both Jason and my sister shared their opinions which were favorable. My sister emphasized it didn’t taste at all like jerky, Jason mentioned it, but was more interested in the fruity flavors than the “not jerky” aspect. Personally, I can’t compare the two because I have never eaten traditional jerky so I have no way of comparing. As I mentioned in my review video, I would think it might be like the debate on veggie products vs traditional meat. If you go into it with an open mind and not expecting an exact copy, you’ll probably find you like it and there’s room for both in your life.

The pricing puts them around $1.50 per piece with the smallest order of 12 pieces. The more you order the lower the price goes, but not a significant discount. Honestly, compared to many of the products out there today this is fairly priced, if not priced better being REAL food and not a bunch of scary chemicals piled together to force your body to react in a certain way (IMHO). Many of the snacks are gluten free and some are lactose free as well. Please visit their site, it’s very user friendly and you can research your hearts out.

My final verdict is these are completely worth your money and effort in trying. I will be ordering more for myself, so if you see me out and about, ask if I have an extra and I’ll be happy to share it with you!

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And now the video, for those who like their information more animated/auditory.

FTC Disclosure: I was provided samples of the product free of charge in return for my review. All opinions and photographs are my own. Some text borrowed from the official website with permission.

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