Monday Motivation

Happy April Fool’s everyone. This post is half motivation half weekend recap.

Who here fell for a prank today? Who here played a prank on someone else? I think my personal favorite was Google’s treasure maps. My friend kept trying to convince me the Google Nose was real and would work. Ha. I also highly enjoyed Chobani’s new flavor. Is it sad I considered if this would actually taste good?


I had the day off from work, which was lovely. I caught up on sleep after an amazing concert Sunday night seeing Garbage. I LOVE them so much. The sis and I went, this was our 3rd-4th time seeing them live They haven’t toured here since 2008! Yikes! All I know is I want to look and feel the way Shirley does when I’m 45!

4 10 23 29 31The previous weekend days were not spent doing anything too special. After the Easter Egg run on Thursday I felt spent. I burned over 3,000 calories between Sun and Thurs, so it made sense to feel the way I did! Friday at work was a terrible terrible day and I ended up crashing early. Saturday I ran some laundry over to my Mom’s then popped over to Jason’s. He made me brunch lol breakfast just at 11:00 because I’m lllllaaaazzzzyyy. Then we watched Zero Dark Thirty, took a hike, watched a History channel special on books banned from the Bible, went to dinner, then watched some Dr Who before I headed home. Sunday I was gooooooing to go running, and then I didn’t. True story. I went to Mom’s, colored some eggs, had the dogs chase some eggs, watched Aristocats (I LOVE it) then ate and went to the concert.

IMAG0514 IMAG0513

IMAG0515Today I finished house work, prepped some healthy meals (because why burn 3,000 calories if you’re going to eat 10,000) and unexpectedly had dinner with a friend I haven’t seen in a year. Yes, I feel guilty for not working out, but people are important and friendships are valuable and tomorrow I shall run. Really. I promise.

Wrapping things back up. Aside from being motivated by healthy food, holiday fun and celebrities, what else is there? Well, there are monthly challenges. I always tend to do better with activities over weight loss, so let’s try a squat-a-thon, shall we?



What’s on YOUR agenda for April? I have 2 different 25Ks and a 5K between the two. Yay for racing season!

Ps. Did you know NUUN is accepting applications for their 2013 Hood to Coast team? The window closes at midnight on the 5th so you better start working on your masterpiece.



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    • They posted a video on FB a day or two later and it really did have an Easter egg at the bottom. They cracked it with a spoon and everything. Super funny and somewhat gross.

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