What’s in your fitness closet?

Happy Monday. I am taking part in a special posting day suggested by Pavement Runner along with several of my FitFluential friends to play “What’s in your fitness closet”? Apparently, this is my time to share my favorite pieces and to possibly seek out new ideas. I thought this was a great idea because I am due for a fitness wardrobe overhaul, and this will force me to examine what works, what doesn’t, and find suggestions.


Here is where I store my clothes and shoes (when they’re not being stored on the spare bed, the drying rack, my car, my gym bag, or who knows where else…)


I generally have 4 categories of sports clothing:

1) Actively in my rotation

This includes pieces like my new Lululemon ta ta tamer II bra or my Under Armour bra.


My Kohl’s brand Tek Gear capris (which are several years old and have been worn honestly 200-300 times) or my SKINS shorts (not pictured).


Various Under Armour, Tek Gear (Kohl’s brand), and C9 (by Champion) shirts. UA collection pictured below.


My Zensah socks!!

And of course shoes. My favorite shoes currently are my Saucony Guide 6’s.


Still looking for the perfect trail shoe for 2013! For light trail work I have my Brooks PureGrit’s from last year, but I need a heavy-duty pair too.


2) Pieces I’ll wear if needed

These pieces might be my long-sleeve shirts (I HATE LS), outerwear pieces, low support or older bras like my Moving Comfort pieces, pants or other shirts.

IMG_2370 IMG_2369

Some are brands I love, but the pieces just don’t fit me as much as I would LOVE or they’re tank tops and I’m not really a big fan of tanks.

3) Sentimental pieces

Shirts from important races if I don’t like the fit or previous uniforms fall into this category. Pieces I probably won’t wear anymore, but I keep for memories.


My Marathon Bars, previous Grunt Girl Racing years, Team Tough Chik and a few other kits all are stored away nicely.

4) Donation/Trash

I’m not afraid to be honest and tell you nearly ALL my race shirts end up in this category. Tee or tech shirts, I have plenty and unless it’s something super special I probably don’t need it. As things get older or stained they make their way to trash, the new pieces I just don’t like or want go to donations. When it comes to shoes I see if they’re in good enough condition to be donated, otherwise I take them to a drop site where they’ll be recycled for sports related functions or something else worthwhile. I never outright throw away a pair of workout shoes.

Now it’s your turn. What’s in YOUR fitness closet? Do you filter pieces as you get them or is there spring cleaning every so often? What determines who makes the cut and who doesn’t? Any advice on a good pair of capris?


10 thoughts on “What’s in your fitness closet?

    • Excellent! Twinsies! Haha. Great minds think alike. I realized my favorite isn’t pictured though, it’s from the heat collection and it’s highlighter yellow.

  1. I love the Sentimental section. My sentimental includes my first trail race, my first marathon, ALL of my Twisted Ankle half marathon races (total enlightenment moments during each race. I could find the answers world peace during a Twisted Ankle), and my “did not finish” shirt.

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