Race Report : St Patrick’s Day 5K

Hello again friends! Since you all read the tale of my 5 miler adventure, we now have the stage set for Sunday!

After my race I retreated to a hot bath and warm clothing. I eventually made it over to Jason’s where we watched TV and had an early dinner and shared bodily pain stories. He apparently hurt his knee on an exercise bike this week? Sunday morning he made sure I was up and ready for the race. Even if I was limping. I decided as long as the race didn’t have steps, I was golden! Home again and to the closet to find some more green. I opted to wear the same thing as the day before, since it had dried. Then added a hooded sweatshirt I bought while in Ireland a few years back. I had NO INTENTION of running the 5K.

I called Mom and she agreed to get up from under the blankets and cats and puppy to join me on my quest for 3.1 miles. After picking her up we were to the school in no time! An easy walk across the road from where we parked and we were picking up my shirt, and in line for the bathroom within 15 minutes.


Normally I complain about the SARC race shirts. In fact I ordered a men’s size on purpose, I’ve hated their women’s cuts so much in the past. Well, when I’m wrong I admit it. And this year I was WRONG. The 5K shirts for women were BEAUTIFUL. They were neon pink or blue and very cute. The men’s were grey or white. I opted for white. I HATE white for wearing outside, so I pouted. Then I decided I could at least wear it to the gym, right?

We chatted with the Earth Fare representative for a moment. I was hoping she was giving out bags! She wasn’t, but she did comment on the horrible conditions of Malachi the day before (haha) and shared information on snap-peas. I guess baked peas are now more popular than potato chips? You’ve got me. Then we wondered outside, watched the 15K crazies line up and mentally prepared ourselves for our own race.


At first Liz C lined up with us, then I told her I had NO INTENTION of running and she moved up a bit in the pacing corrals. Mom agreed to walk with me the whole way. The ladies around us laughed and after a few more encouraging words and smiles exchanged we were signaled to take off!

Mom and I started off at a slow jog. My legs were a little locked up in the quads, but I was managing. I also hurt in my “wings”, which I later learned are my lats. We trekked along and I won’t lie…it made me sad to watch the front and middle runners get further and further away. Mom was great company though and she can walk insanely fast! She kept me in good spirits and we agreed to just keep moving forward.

This course didn’t have the miles marked, which was both a blessing and driving me insane! I didn’t want to look for fear of getting frustrated so I focused on my legs and my breathing. Jokingly I told Mom I liked running better when I had a heart condition. I would have to stop to cough and get dizzy long before my muscles would hurt. Now my heart and lungs work and I’m left to face the reality of my out-of-shapeness. Annoying, my my left foot went numb again, but I knew it was from the locked up and sore muscles. Along the way I saw Sheila and some friends who were cheering so loudly and wonderfully. It was a treat! A local kid’s group (boy scouts?) also manned a water station. The kids were cracking up asking everyone if they wanted “lucky water” “Leprechaun water” or “cat’s milk”

I snuck a look at my own watch one time and it said we were running about 42 minutes. I felt defeated until Mom pointed out 15K went off before us and they even started a few minutes late. With a new sense of purpose I pushed it for everything I had and ran the last leg. I passed about 6 people in the final quarter mile, which I won’t lie, was VERY exciting! Mickey (North Coast Multisports) caught me on film and I caught Mom a few moments later.



My official time is questionable (haha) since my phone wouldn’t stop recording (and the main site hasn’t posted results). My phone was so sweaty from being stored in my bra (oops) I couldn’t get the screen to respond. I finished around 40 minutes though, giving me a pace lower than Saturday’s! Woot woot!

I grabbed some photos with Liz and on my own, then Mom and I headed to the car and back to the comforts of blankets, food, and pets.



How did you spend your St Patty’s Day? Can you believe the girl who complained about no longer being a runner knocked out 8 miles this weekend? Neither can I.

6 thoughts on “Race Report : St Patrick’s Day 5K

  1. I have to complain about the SARC shirts. I did the 15K and the women’s XL is a complete joke. When I registered it wouldn’t let me chose a women’s shirt, so I registered under a men’s shirt. They changed it for me at packet pick up. I should have stuck with a men’s cut. I suppose I can use it for a undershirt but never a shirt by itself. Plus the green print against dark blue is so hard to see.

    • Huh I asked about switching my men’s and they said I couldn’t. I never liked LS shirt, and I’ll agree the green on pink or green on blue didn’t look good. I did like the main color better though in theory. Did you have a good time at the race?

      • Yes it was decent 1:35:08. I am very happy with that.
        The only reason they exchanged it was because after registering I emailed J. Ritchie with the issues and he said he would change it to womens shirt.

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