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Are your hands turned on?

When is the last time you came across a company and fell in love with everything about them? Their products, their mission, their voice, everything? For me it doesn’t happen all too often, but it did a few weeks back when I received an email about Hands Turned On.

Hands Turned On ™ is a company dedicated to teaching simple energy flows to help you with self-healing. Energy healing is the ancient art of healing through touch, breath, movement and sound. This form of healing affects the nervous system, decreasing the “fight or flight” reaction and increasing relaxation. Over time, energy healing can decrease the amount of overall inflammation in the body – an underlying cause of many illnesses we experience. Our goal is to help you gain awareness and skill at “turning your hands on” and using them for self-healing.

Hands Turned On was started by Dr. Ann Marie Chiasson, who wanted to help people begin the process of learning self-healing and energy healing. Dr. Chiasson is Board Certified in Family Practice, has extensive experience exploring energy medicine and alternative healing practices. She is also the author of the book, Energy Healing. In it she outlines how paying attention to your body’s natural energy flow can improve your health.

It was almost a year ago I had my first encounter with this topic when I went to Insight Wellness with OBA. Those who were around for the experience know I walked away on the fence about it all. One thing I loved though was the idea of directing energy toward you and coming away more centered, more peaceful, a better version of yourself. I love the concept of meditation and think it’s always a good idea to strive for ways to be in touch with all areas of our minds, bodies and souls. BTW to the naysayers out there…yes, they do feature a disclaimer on their site stating these concepts are not to replace medical care.

Hands Turned On shirts

Hands Turned On, (IMO) is a great stepping stone for someone who wants to dip a toe in the waters of self-healing or guided mediation. I know I felt safer and less “silly” using my shirt at home, but I also felt connected to something larger than myself knowing other people were using the same shirt for the same purposes. Wearing it around town, I received numerous compliments and as I told people about the company and their mission, the positive feedback only increased. Eventually I found myself drawn to the clothing and the concept even more as this cycle of positivism perpetuated. I think the shirts would also be great for someone more advanced in their journey too, who knows their favorite hand placements or topics and wants a beautiful shirt to go along.

With over 20 designs, there’s bound to be one for every person. Each unique shirt features a message and some have special hand placements based on the message. Shirts also come with a custom hang tag that will explain how to utilize the hand placements (if applicable) and the healing concept associated with that design. Here is an example tag:


My contact person was kind enough to send me a shirt for review and enjoyment. I picked the message “The Path of A Thousand Miles…Ends in the Heart”, because I felt it embraced my love for trail running, my passion for counseling, and my reactions to all that has happened in the past year. I was also drawn to the colors and the hand-prints. When I was in high school, I was OBSESSED with the clothing company MUDD. Does anyone remember? Back then they used a signature hand-print on all their products. Everything I owned had to have hand-prints  My sheets, my jeans, my socks, underwear, pajamas  shirts, book bag, yes everything I could find with hand prints. Hands Turned On, brings me back to that happy place.

Regarding the shirt itself: The first thing I can tell you is, the colors are just as beautiful in person as they are on the website. The fabric is wonderfully soft, and I did not notice any wear or tear when I washed it. *I do wash all my clothes on cold-cold though, and the shirts are 100% cotton, so be careful. One downside I found was the fabric is a little see through. When I first put it on after a gym workout, you can see my reaction as I noticed my polka-dot bra making an appearance.

Hands Turned On I'm wearing

I would now like to share with you a photo from their website, featuring the same shirt I am wearing, with a person utilizing the hand placements. I want you to see how genuine their site is with how similar my shirt is to the one on the model.

Hands Turned On placement

On a final note, here’s a question probably on a lot of people’s minds, and an answer from their site, Why “Hands Turned On”?

Touch is a primary and powerful tool for relaxation and healing. When a person is in “healing mode” from either feeling compassionate or wanting to help another person or themselves, their hands literally “Turn On.” When the hands turn on, they have a greater energy flow in them and often becoming warm or flushed. This leads to an augmented ability to send healing energy to anything the hands touch. Coupling touch with simple directed energy flows can allow self-healing to begin or be amplified. We can affect another more deeply by touching them with our hands turned on.

For the social media mavens and gurus out there, make sure you add yourself to the “like” list for Hands Turned On on Facebook. They also have a Twitter account, so you can follow them there.

What do you think of Hands Turned On? Do you embrace self-healing and energy healing? Which shirt would you buy? I’m thinking I want and NEED the “Relax. Let Go. Watch Everything Change” next, especially with everything going on at work right now.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a shirt in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Several images and quoted text property of Hands Turned On.

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