Friday Food : Easter Idea Roundup

I haven’t fully received a good answer on this question yet, so maybe some of you can chime in on it. Is Easter still a primarily religious event, or has it become more social, the way Christmas is for many families? Do children think of it as a time for eggs, bunnies, chicks and baskets? I’m not sure. I do know, it’s another time for fun recipes and crafts. I was going to post a themed meal next week, then I learned a lot of people are doing their traditions THIS weekend!  So, for all you early achievers, here are my suggestions for your parties.

Easter Idea Roundup

Easter Idea Roundup

In 2012 I posted the following three ideas and I stand by the belief they are fun to make, fun to see and fun to eat!

Make your own PEEPS

Home made PEEPS

“Carrot” Crescent Rolls


Chocolate “Bird’s” Nests


As a special bonus I also found the following three ideas, and although I have not personally tried them, I think they’re worth the risk:

Easter Chick, Bunnies? From Pint Sized Baker

PS Bunny Chicks (48)

Cheesecake filled chocolate Easter eggs from Raspberri Cupcakes by Stephanie Hooi


Easter Carrots Chocolate Covered Straw­ber­ries by Handmade Charlotte


Do you have any fun ideas? Leave a link in the comments! Hop-hop-hoppy Easter!

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