A Ray of Hope

First I want to thank each and every one of you who contacted me about my displeasure and difficulty with running. I plan to reach back to everyone and can’t believe the responses, which are still coming in!

While I can’t say I was able to run this weekend, I can say I am making progress. I wanted to write up a quick post to let you know the joys happening in my life since you’re all wonderful enough to share in the not-as-joyful experiences as well.

Saturday, I ventured out into the world with my Mom and went furniture shopping!


Holy goodness is shopping for a couch hard! See, I don’t know if you’ve figured this out about me, but I am very very very picky. I know what I want, how I want it and when. Ha. Within seconds of sitting on a couch I didn’t like (which was most of them) I would make a terrible face and jump back off. Mom kept laughing at me.

One of the issues is I want a sectional (L-couch) more than anything in the whole wide furniture world. A sectional will not comfortably fit in my living room. Thus the search for a couch I like and isn’t too expensive begins. The first place was La-Z-Boy, where the sales associate was honestly very overwhelming. She kept interrupting us and wasn’t listening to what I wanted. Much too pushy and if she walked away a different sales person was right behind her making sure we were helped. I couldn’t breath! I went here first because I was drawn to the Malina couch (top left pic) however after sitting on it I didn’t like it at all. Before leaving I found the Demi couch (bottom left) and LOVED it. I wondered though, if it was too similar to the couch I already have and would that be weird? Next we went to Love’s. but didn’t find anything there. The third place was Wayside.  We almost had it down to a science how to avoid salespeople, but one caught us. I’m so glad he did too! He was super nice and super helpful and honestly listened to what I wanted. He helped me find my favorite couch of the day (top right) and even helped me think about other options. Such as (drum roll please) buying only PART of sectional now. I would get a couch with a COOL shape and one day she might grow up to be a real sectional if I move to a place with more space! Otherwise she stays a cool couch. The final place we went was Levin. We found a perfect sofa (bottom right). I almost took it home, especially when it was only $450!! Yikes! Before leaving we sat there talking to the sales lady and I realized it wasn’t as comfortable as I imagined, so it’s off the table again. Stay tuned for more couch fun!

There’s a strong possibility I’ll be acting like the lady in this commercial

After couch shopping I made it home to have steaks with Jason. I decided to make us dinner and we broiled the steaks. I haven’t used my broiler before (I make 1 thing at a time in the toaster oven) so I had to figure it out. When I was younger gas stoves always had the broiler in the bottom, so naturally this is where I thought mine would be now. Not so much. Apparently, gas stoves now also have their broiler inside the main oven part. WHOA. Mind blown. Luckily the steaks were awesome!


The next morning we went down to Cbus for his Dad’s bday. It was really nice to meet his family. I already knew his step-sister from back in HS, so it was cool to catch up with her. We all went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. More steak! Haha. While there I went for a little walk up and down the road and noticed it was BEAUTIFUL outside. I also found myself really wanting to go for a run. This was an odd thought and impulse, but I decided to embrace it even if I couldn’t act on it. Maybe it was the nice weather? Maybe it was the nice comments? Maybe it was hearing about Maria’s husband and his ultra-running and the rest of them training for The Flying Pig? Whatever the case may be, it brought a smile to my heart to feel passion for it again.

Today at work all my clients cancelled. I love my clients, but this was awesome because I am over on production and behind on paperwork. I put the pedal to the metal today though and am officially completely caught up! The weight of the world is off my shoulders and tomorrow is Accreditation day so that is finally going to o-v-e-r! Also, went to Zumba and finally made it through a whole class without getting tired or wanting to stop. Folks there is freaking hope for me yet!

It was also weigh-in day for DietBet. I need to lose 4% of my weight in 28 days. There are currently 361 of us on the FitFluential team and anyone who loses the 4% will split the pot. The current pot is at $9025. Holy cake balls! I submitted my photo and am now 100% committed. Bring on the tough love, mama needs a new…well…lots of things!


Wish me luck…and here’s hoping March is a terrific month for all of us!

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