3 Things Thursday

1. I went to TABATA Tuesday night. Seriously, that shiz will wreck you if you’re not ready. I knew I needed a work out and I want to take DietBet seriously, so I glanced at my gym schedule to pick something out. Last time I was so “late” I only made it to Yoga and did some stair-master before. This week I missed Pilates (another class I’ve never tried) so I tried TABATA. I’ve heard of it and knew it was intense, but that does not nearly begin to warn you about what’s in store.

In my own words, TABATA is HIIT (Hit Intensity Interval Training). We started w/ a 4 minute warm up. This consisted of various arm movements along with jumping jack legs. Only the legs went forward to back (scissor kick) instead of out and in on the sides. 4 minutes would not end. Ha. Then we went into the intervals. One portion involved doing a series of exercises for 4-8 minutes. Most were 4 minutes, one or two had the 8 minute. For 20 seconds you do a burst of activity, such as high knees. Then for 20 seconds you do another activity, like squat jumps while holding dumbbells. There are about 4-8 different activities and you cycle through them all for the 4 or 8 minutes. The whole class lasted 45 minutes. I tend to have exercise ADD, so this was a perfect class for me. I’m sore as sin. I could barely walk Wednesday and breathing was a chore, but I LOVED it and will totally be back.

Since I love Brad so much, I’ll let him show you a little of what it is…imagine doing what he’s doing for 45 minutes. Oy

2. I still love eggs. Eggland’s Best is having a caption contest! Think you have something clever to add to the picture below? For a chance to win 3 months of free Eggland’s Best eggs (6 coupons total), an EB spatula, eco bag, and plush egg?


Head over to their official rules and entry information page. Psst if you don’t read the fine print…they are simply doing a random.org drawing of the entries, so don’t worry too much about being clever. ( ;

3. I have so many awesome products I am currently reviewing and getting ready to share with all of you! Not only should I have the Spring 2013 book review up in the next few weeks, but I will also be sharing with you the following products:

I also want to give a shout out to a few events happening right now:

  • Did you or will you do a Pi Day run today? 3.14 miles for 3/14?
  • If so why not donate those miles to Augie’s Quest to cure ALS? I’m a little late getting the word out (time does fly) but every little but helps.  From January 7th, 2013, until March 15th, 2013, every mile you log using SoFit™ equals a $1 donation to Augie’s Quest to cure ALS. Help reach the goal of 5000 miles & $5000 for a cure.
  • The 8th annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event will take place:Friday, April 26, 2013.   6 – 8 pm @ Lock 3- Akron, Ohio. Check Facebook for event Info.

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