Three Things Thursday: Products to know and love

Welcome to another 3 Things Thursday, I love using these days for catch-all type posts where I can share my love or discovery or whatever, without dedicating a WHOLE post to a topic or company. What do I have to share this week?

1) If you missed my exciting announcement earlier on Twitter and Facebook. I am now a proud ambassador for Zensah! We all know I can’t go anywhere without my socks and now I will be sharing their other great products with you as well. Did you know they make shorts, capris, tanks, arm sleeves, knee sleeves, compression shirts and so much more for both men and women? Well, head on over to their store to find out for yourself and in the meantime drool over these items on my wish list.

zensah purple arm sleeves

zensah running jacket zensah argyle compression socks zensah high compression shorts zensah racerback tank

2) As many of you know, (as in anyone who isn’t living under a rock) I am obsessed with Aquaphor.  Also, it is my fitness-life long dream to be on their Active Ambassador’s team. Which means, when I was sent the following PR release, I was happy to agree to pass on these wonderful tips to all of you!

Winter-Proof Your Skin Care Routine

Prepare your lips for outdoor activities with Aquaphor Lip Repair + PROTECT SPF 30!

Whether you plan to hit the slopes this weekend or play in the snow, a long day in the icy air can leave your lips feeling dry and irritated. Don’t let chapped lips keep you indoors this season. With Aquaphor Lip Repair + PROTECT SPF 30, your lips don’t have to suffer and neither does your busy schedule!

  • PROTECT – Don’t skip the SPF. It is extremely important to help protect lips all year long with a lip balm that contains broad spectrum SPF.
  • HYDRATE – Your lips have very thin skin and are continuously exposed to the harsh winter elements. Aquaphor Lip Repair + PROTECT SPF 30 seals in moisture and immediately soothes dry lips.
  • DO NOT LICK – Fight the impulse to lick dry lips. Licking makes the chapping worse and further dehydrates your skin.
  • HEALAquaphor Lip Repair + PROTECT SPF 30 helps heal and visibly improves the condition of severely dry lips.

3) Another thing many people know about me…I can’t really do push-ups, but I’m dedicated to the dream of doing 100 in a row. This story was sent to me and I thought it was a rather cool product. Let me know what you all think?

There’s a new fitness invention that will ensure every push-up you do is in perfect form. It’s called the Body Jac! As seen on ABC’s hit TV show Shark Tank, Body Jac is the 100% effective way for men and women of every fitness level to perform push-ups  Featuring the patent pending Lift Assist Technology, Body Jac utilizes specially designed weight resistance bands that provide complete customization, tailored to the individual user’s fitness level — from beginner to advanced! Lift Assist promotes perfect form by aligning the body properly every time. Additionally, Body Jac features 4 handle bar settings to tone and sculpt specific muscle groups for a complete upper body workout.

Body Jac has received praise from several fitness industry experts including Celebrity Fitness Guru Kiana Tom.

“After being in the fitness industry for 20 years trying hundreds of weight loss products, the Body Jac is genius and I love it.” – Kiana Tom.

Fitness Trainer to the Stars Pete Steinfeld is also a Body Jac fanatic.

“Body Jac has revolutionized the push up. It’s the best exercise out there and the Body Jac takes it to a whole new level.” – Pete Steinfeld.

What do you think? Too good to be true? I know when I was younger I owned some things that were supposed to help with curls/sit-ups and they never really worked for me. Technology and fitness have greatly advanced since then though, right?

What are your thoughts on my three products/companies this week? Any experiences of your own you’d like to share?

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    • Thank you. It was very exciting. I honestly do love their socks, hoping to love everything else too

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