Race Report : Cupid’s Undie Run Cleveland

2013 is going to be the year I push myself to try new things and take risks. It’s the year I am so far not sponsored or affiliated with a group, which means I must seek out my own forms of publicity? No, it means I don’t have an outfit? Sure, and since I don’t have an outfit why not run around in my underwear!

Saturday I took part in the first ever Cupid’s Undie Run in Cleveland. The night before I stayed up all night making my own boxer shorts. No joke, the pretty heart shorts seen below are 100% made by yours truly. I met up with Jason around 11:30 because he was kind enough to agree to drive. Around noon we all started to gather around and inside the heated tent, sign in, and start drinking. I mean fundraising for the Children’s Tumor Foundation.

IMAG0451 IMAG0468

At first I was nervous, I mean, I was planning to be half naked around these people and I HATE crowds. I went to check-in and they couldn’t find me anywhere! Not to worry, thanks to the magic of cell phones I could easily show them I was indeed registered for the event. I was presented with my shirt and a goodie bag. I was also presented with my “gift” undies for raising at least $25. As much as I like the shirts from the event, I wish I had volunteered. Why? Their shirts were epic. They read ASK ME* in huge letters, then below it, “why I’m wearing pants” in smaller letters. I would wear that shirt ALL the time. Seriously ALL THE TIME.


After check-in I made my way back to the VIP area (love being VIP) and met Stephanie. She checked me in and gave me my bracelet and away to the free food and drinks I traveled. Not gonna lie I didn’t know what “SoCo” was (I knew it was SOuthern COmfort, didn’t know the type of liquor), but I quickly learned it was sweet and went well with Coke. (Note: I don’t promote binge drinking or underage drinking, and I acknowledge not everyone can drink responsibly. I know my limits, I was with friends for safety, and I had a DD.) Knowing I had done all my deeds I stripped down from my sweats and handed my goods off to Jason, who stored them safely in the car. Upon his return we took pictures and hung around a bit.

IMAG0462 IMAG0459

My outfit consisted of a lovely bright pink Saucony headband I won as a Fleet Feet event last year. Purple scarf, my new lululemon bra (which was super comfortable and super supportive, not to mention clearly super cute), my homemade shorts, my Zensah toe socks layered with some cute pink socks found at Target, and my Reebok shoes I was given at FitBloggin last year.

The room quickly filled and I was distracted/entertained by “Rip for a Tip”.

IMAG0454 IMAG0457 IMAG0458

Rip for a Tip is where men get waxed for a donation and of course it’s all for charity. These poor men were brought on stage and publicly waxed. Good times were had by all.

Then back to dancing and socializing with some friends. Team “Am I There Yet?” Assembled and got down to business.


Before we knew it, it was time for the run. We all trickled outside and with wind and snow around us, we jogged the block around Tremont and entertained all those around us, I am sure.


Naturally, when there are groups of people in their underwear, you will have groups of other people with their cameras. I don’t have any action shorts, because Jason decided he needed to hide in the car away from the noise and crazies and where it was much warmer. Can’t blame him. However, for some spectator and even participant photos make sure you check out Cupid’s Facebook Fan Page for official pictures as well as:

Jim Votava’s Photos

Ihor Balaban Photography

Scott T. Morrison’s Photos

You can also head over to Twitter or Instagram and follow the tag #UndieRunCLE. After the run I milled about some more. Was hit on by a cute guy, but he was creeeepy. I promptly asked Jason to come out of hiding and protect me. I also tried to avoid seeing THIS:

IMAG0466 IMAG0467

Not okay buddy. Not okay. Thank you for being what nightmares are made of (shiver).

My friends left when their ride arrived, but I stayed a tad longer. I waited because an email said there was a contest for things like cutest girl/boy/couple, fundraising total and best tweet. I spent so long coming up with awesome tweets, I was 100% convinced I would win. They never called it though and when I asked the DJ he laughed and said they were not doing anything with a Twitter contest. Ugg thanks sir. Thanks for the broken heart. The best part was walking away and being back hand punched in the nose by some drunk girl. Honestly, it was a complete accident so I wasn’t mad, but it still HURT.

In the end I can say this event was a BLAST, time went by so quickly and everything was amazingly well organized for a first time event. The one thing I would change is having more space, because it was a zoo to try and move around. Also, maybe instead of having one VIP bar where people glued themselves to the area and almost no one else could approach, allow VIP access to any of the bars? Other than those things, I had zero complaints and I did not hear any complaints either which is really really saying something coming from the Cleveland crowd. Ha.

What do you think? Did you do the Undie Run in your city? Would you consider doing it next year?

Disclaimer: I was provided with VIP access in exchange for my promotion/review of the event. All thoughts/opinions are of course my own.

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    • I saw some pics of the DC one and thought of you BC they had those giant presidents and I think you took your picture with one of them at a baseball game or something

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