January Reflections

In January I began taking fitness seriously again, both via food and exercise. Previously, in December, I burned about 500 calories. In January I burned about 5,600. I’m willing to call that an improvement! How am I accomplishing these tasks? Well, it helps I began attending Zumba with a friend from work on Mondays since my company/agency eh whatever offers free various classes during the week, I also attend Wednesday as I feel fit. Last week we attended a water class on Thursday and plan to make that a part of our weekly routine. I have also picked up attending a spinning class Tuesdays and Thursdays at my local gym.

The final attendance counts for the month?

  • 5 Spinning classes.
  • 5 Zumba classes.
  • 2 runs/hikes totally 5.4 miles
  • 1 water aerobics class

It’s odd, I used to be such a “Weekend Warrior” sitting around all week then going all out Fri night, Saturday, and Sunday. Now I bust my tail M-R and curl up with a book, friends, a movie, whatever over the weekends. I do try to be active when I can though. It’ll help with racing season picking up and giving me more to distract myself on the weekends.

Yesterday, I attended spin class then realized I hadn’t done my 5 By the 5th!


So I drug myself onto the treadmill and walk/jogged for 3.1 miles. It was killer! Since I haven’t been running I had the weird itching thing happen at mile 1 and I am NOT at a fitness level of back to back workouts yet!  So doing an hour of treadmill after an hour of spinning completely took everything I had and then some. I won’t complain though. I’m happy to be at the level I am, and I can’t ask for more before my time.

Speaking of…it’s been nearly 4 weeks of fitness and as they say 4 weeks for YOU to notice, 8 weeks for FRIENDS, and 12 weeks for ALL. 4 weeks into it and I DO notice a difference. Clothes are fitting MUCH better and I feel better too. Now everyone better say something in March and April! Haha

On the other side of things….the kitchen. I’ve been somewhat better about my food. For the first time in over a year I didn’t go over my grocery budget. Thank you, thank you. I managed to meal plan just about every week. It gets easier. I’m wasting a TON less food. Also, I was kinda good about not eating fast food. The first 2.5 weeks I was golden, then I slipped and it was as if all hell broke loose for a while. I’m back on track though and my goal for February is no eating out AT ALL. *Exception: If I MUST eat on the go I can go to Subway, that is ALL. Although truth be told I hate that I now have a Valentine and if I stick to my goals he can’t take me to dinner.

Final reflection…how am I doing on those random resolutions?

  • I wanted to read more. I have started a few books, but I haven’t kept with it. This is something I really need to work on, but I also have not been watching as much TV so really I think in a way I’m accomplishing my goal. Instead I’ve been spending more time with friends and family, leading to less time for reading. I’ve also been working on getting more sleep.
  • Be more consistent with my exercise, including weights. Yes, I’ve been better with working out, no I haven’t touched weights all month. Need to remedy that ASAP. Hello Jillian again?
  • Do 30 day mini challenges. Jan – no fast food, check-ish. Feb – Nothing that isn’t homemade – in progress
  • Keep a blogging calendar. Yea, that hasn’t happened. I am tracking things in my normal planner though!
  • Allow myself to date without fear of getting hurt. Well, as I’ve mentioned here and there I have started seeing someone new. Not sure if I’m allowing myself to let my guard down and not get hurt though. It’s a self esteem issue. I’m working on it.


How was your January? Are you sticking to your yearly goals or resolutions?

6 thoughts on “January Reflections

  1. Awesome job keeping on track! I have a super easy to use editorial calendar built into wordpress if you ever want to try it – let me know, i’ll send you the name of the plugin. I was using it consistently and it was great. Recently, well … 😉 lol

    I’m still jealous you have zumba at work, that’s great! have a great day 🙂

    • Part of my issue is not even always having the ideas for what I want to write about in order to track everything. I’m making sure mostly I don’t take on too many reviews or guest posts at the moment.

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