Guest Post : Getting the Most Out of an Indoor Cycling Class

Hey all! I recently found myself in the routine of spinning again and while I’ve been waiting to find the right way to explain the joy which is my fitness life lately, a wonderful reader named Jordan contacted me about a possible guest post. I always love the opportunity to share my space with a fellow fitness enthusiast, so here are some great tips on ways you can start and continue with spinning AKA indoor cycling. I know those of us in the colder areas, probably need the variety to keep our wits!

Getting the Most Out of an Indoor Cycling Class


Indoor cycling is great way to have fun and get in the best shape of your life. In fact, you can burn as many as 1,000 calories in a single, 60-minute indoor cycling session, which amounts to tremendous fat-burning potential. But even if you already consider yourself a seasoned indoor cycling enthusiast, you may not be reaping the maximum reward. As with any workout, there are optimal strategies to achieving the most effective result.

Join a Class

If you have been using an indoor cycling bike on your own, whether at home or at the gym, consider how joining an indoor cycling class can take your results to a whole new level. A class is a structured environment, with a trained instructor who understands how to make the most of the many modes and configurations, ensuring the students maintain just the right kind of burn. The class environment also increases motivation and ensures that you produce a much greater output than you normally would on your own.

Make it a Regular Routine

A workout is only as good as the time that you put into it. This applies not only to indoor cycling, but to any exercise. You will likely be disappointed with your results if you just squeeze in the occasional Saturday session. Strive to attend an indoor cycling class about three times per week, and see how it can completely transform your body.

Make it a Social Experience

One of the most rewarding aspects of taking an indoor cycling class is the ability to connect socially with other people. The communal element enables you not only to improve your physical health, but to maintain positive mental health as well. Human beings are social creatures, and if you can use your indoor spinning time to make valuable connections with fellow cyclists, the benefit will be truly profound.

Eat Healthy

You have heard it before, but it bears repeating: Physical fitness and a healthy diet go hand in hand. If you spend three hours a week in a spin class, but then spend your days consuming excess empty calories deficient in essential nutrients, you will never get the kinds of results that you deserve. Remember that physical fitness begins in the kitchen, not at the gym.

Start Today

The key to any successful pursuit is to stop planning and start acting. So find an indoor cycling class at your local gym today. If you need additional information, check out the Spinning Class FAQs to learn more about how to achieve the maximum benefit from indoor cycling. The key is to just get out there and get active!

About the Author: After graduating from UCR with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, Jordan S has spent the last 8 years writing fitness and health related content. When he’s not writing about fitness, he’s active in the gym pursuing personal goals.

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