Friday Food : Happy Cake Pops Day

I have a confession to make. There was a different post planned for today. In fact there were TWO different posts planned for today, but then a lil bird forgot to publish my ideas on time. A different lil bird then told me about a wonderful holiday known as National Cake Pops Day! is one of my FAVORITE food blogs. Her desserts are always so beautiful and well crafted. It’s amazing she is able to come up with such fun ideas. Seriously go to her post today and look at some of the various cake pops she has created.

What is a “cake pop”? Well I didn’t realize this until I was talking to my guy and he was like “Whaaat” that some people do not know about cake pops. For those not in the know, and I say that not as if I’m cooler than you, but I sincerely feel sorry for you for not having had one before…a cake pop is essentially a ball of cake and icing mixed together and then coated with additional chocolate and placed on a stick like a lollipop. See photo above obviously.

Cake pops are fun because they’re applicable to any season, holiday, or event. My friend Sarah of Cooker Girl, recently made a lovely collection of cake pops for her friend’s baby shower. Take a pop over to her page for some easy to follow directions on how to make cake pops. If you’re looking for someone to bake FOR you then she is also your girl. I 100% recommend her services, so get those orders in now!

For everyone else…here are some Google images of various cake pops I find amusing.

Honestly, I haven’t made cake pops before. My first experience with them was about 2-3 years ago when a friend bought one at Starbucks and I saw it at the office and asked her why she had cake on a stick. She shared one with me and the rest is true love.  I’m thinking I might try some football shaped pops for Sunday? Maybe some heart shaped pops for Valentine’s? Or maybe just some run of the mill random pops to help say good-bye as another coworker moves on from our office.

What are your experiences with this treat?


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