Biometrics. More Like Bite My…

Yeah, not gonna lie, I was not amused with the outcome of my biometrics results from work.

Some of you saw on Facebook how I went to be assessed on Wednesday as part of this ongoing study for my job. We are given a survey and do various blood work and stuff for them to track, once a year for four years. Not sure if there is a “point” or if we’re simply tracking and will use the data later. Yes, I’m on the Wellness Committee, who designed, sponsored and acquired the grant, but my brain is all mushy. I’m studying for one of my two license exams this year, we’re pending a new accreditation at work (AKA cleaning and stress abound), I’m trying to adjust to a gym pattern while feeding myself quality ingredients and well stuff. Yes, stuff.


Glad to get these things off my chest. Today was a massive cleaning day at work and ANYTHING personal was to be removed. Nothing in our drawers or on the desks or on the walls. I now sit inside a plaster prison cell with chipped paint. At least my bookshelf looks spiffy with all my properly labeled binders.

I’m off topic. The assessment. I was excited for this procedure actually. In my mind I have been working out, I have been doing a reasonable job with the not going out to eat and I’ve been generally happy. Looking at most of the results, this is true. My blood pressure has come down (in my world) and is almost back under 100! My resting heart rate it good, my cholesterol has improved as has my sugar levels and all that other fun stuff. Improved since my assessment at my gym in November if you’re curious as to when I’m referring. Want to know what pissed me off though? Yes, I swore, because it’s accurate.


All I have to say is…I better be knocked up with the second coming of Jesus to explain this nonsense. In all reality, I don’t know what happened. Look at the photos below. In January I weighed around 150-152, see the photo from Commitment Day? I look it too. Next to it, the photo from the indoor Tri a few weekends back. According to my weigh-in I am now at 162! What?! What?! What?!


I don’t see the 10 pounds added. In fact I think I look better. OH and don’t tell me it’s muscle. It realllllly isn’t muscle. It takes longer than a month for that to develop and I don’t do weight lifting.

So, I’ve committed myself to getting back up there with the working out. I used to burn hundreds, even over 1,000 calories in a night at the gym. Lately, it’s a few hundred. Not bad, but not great. Need to keep moving forward. Here’s what I knocked out:

Monday: 45 minutes of Zumba
Tuesday: 30 minutes of stair-climber and 60 minutes of yoga
Wednesday: 60 minutes of strength-tone (weights!! Yikes)
Thursday: 50 minutes of water aerobics

This weekend I am set to do my 5 By The 5th. Will it be a 5K or a 5M? Taking your bets NOW, don’t delay. Here’s a spoiler alert…I’m sore as crap right now and can’t laugh without wanting to cry and rub my belly. No pain no gain?

In other fitness world news. I am addicted to Twitter chats. No joke. I think they’re the greatest thing since sliced bread. In the previous week I’ve chatted about dancing (#LiveWithFire with #Reebok) and pillows (#BedMates with #Technogel). I also enjoyed tweeting it up at the Lake Erie Monsters’ game Saturday! (#AliveInCLE)


How is everyone else doing in the world of fitness? How do you deal with upsetting news? I’m off to bed…peace…I should have a fun recipe for you in the morning!

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