3 Things Thursday

First things first….Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yes, I know many people complain about VD and how terrible it is to be single and blah blah blah. First, no one person or one thing controls your emotions, you do. You choose if you want to react in a positive or negative way. That being said, I don’t think Valentine’s needs to be romantic or sexual. It can be a day to express love to those you are happy to have as a part of your life. I wish a happy Valentine’s Day to all my friends and family. Today in group therapy we made our own coffee mugs…nice to see my creativity is still trapped from 3 years ago when I made a flower pot. BTW drawing a giraffe on a coffee mug is harder than you might think!

giraffe mug

I was very lucky this week to have TWO excuses to bake and shower people with sugar. Mardi Gras was Tuesday and I made a King Cake. Last year’s version of icing looks A LOT better, but it all tasted wonderful anyway. Oddly enough I also found the baby…meaning I make it again next year. Right, we all saw that coming regardless of who found it. We went with option #2 at work and said whoever found it would have good luck this year. Thanks, I could use a little good luck for 2013. Today I presented pink fortune cookies and mini cherry pies. Pies made w/ my pop-tarts recipe and cherry jam.

King Cakepink fortune cookie and cherry pie

Secondly, my work hours are changing yet again. One of my coworkers was going to leave and then she wasn’t. And prior to that we were going to rotate night shift and now we are not. For 3 weeks I did/will do the Tuesday 12-8 shift. Both weeks I’ve done it I LOVE it. It’s great to have the morning to get things and the energy and peace of mind to do it too. Now I will go back to my standard 8-4. Obviously not a terrible shift, but I will miss my sleeping in. <—- right there, exactly why I shouldn’t be on this shift. I was sleeping in, which meant I skipped spinning on Tuesday morning. One of my main workouts for the week. And once I skipped Tues, it was easy to skip Wed and then really easy to back out of Thurs and you get the picture. Back to being a good girl for me. Less complaining, more getting healthier.


Lastly, speaking of getting healthier. Did you know Eggland’s Best has released a special edition cookbook? It’s true. There are some great ideas for breakfast, main meals, and dessert, and tomorrow is the LAST DAY to take advantage.


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