Most people who know me, know I am within reach of my smart phone or a computer nearly every second of the day. Part of me enjoys being connected to friends, part of me does it with the idea of “working” and keeping my site and professional connections up to date.

Every once in a while I do enjoy when life is simply life and people are simply people and all the updates and image attachments and links melt into the background. This weekend was one of those times.

Saturday morning I woke to find the weather wasn’t too terrible for Northeastern Ohio in January. After a slightly lazy start, I gathered Emme’s belongings, called my Mom and ventured out to a local trail for a hike. It was a wonderfully muddy time and Emme (who has not been on a trail since Oct and before her attack) could not have been a happier pappy! (Yes pappy not puppy, as in she’s a papillon).


She made it a lil over 2 miles and Mom and I were glad we kept it short given the conditions. Mom was very nervous about falling down and getting muddy. Somehow I think I knew a few 5Ks she WON’T be interested in for 2013.

Mom and I had some lunch (I ordered baked lasagna like I ALWAYS do at Parasson’s). Then I went home to pretty myself for the afternoon and evening portion of the day. Jason came over and picked me up around 330 and we headed to see Django Unchained! I was very excited to finally be seeing a popular movie in the theater. Groupon ran a special a few months back and I had some cheap pre-paid tickets to use. The movie was AWESOME. I’m so glad we agreed on it.

After the film, we went over to Outback Steakhouse because he had an old gift card to use. What a cheap inexpensive way to spend the day! Who am I to complain though? Helllllo delicious steak!

We ended the night talking about science and history and W.O.W. I may have done more listening than talking about the W.O.W situation, as I have never experienced it.

Sunday, I slept in late late late. I watched more One Tree Hill (I’m on the final season!), went to BJ’s Wholesale Club with my Mom, and planned my meals for the week. I don’t do that very formally. Generally I eat the same 3 types of things in the morning. Oatmeal, Frosted Mini Wheat or belVita Breakfast Biscuits. Then I decide on 3-5 other dishes, knowing I’ll get 2-3 servings from each and thinking I’ll freeze any leftovers. Usually I have a soup or two, pasta and an Italian dish. This week I’m looking at the following:

  • Pizza (homemade, lots of good veggies and whole wheat crust)
  • Cheeseburger soup (probably not healthy, but yummy anyway)
  • Spaghetti (whole wheat again with fresh veggies in the sauce)
  • Chicken and corn casserole (I subbed out the Jiffy w/ normal corn meal and used Chobani Greek yogurt instead of sour cream)
  • Rice and Beans
  • Mac & Cheese – with spinach (again not the healthiest, but I use whole wheat pasta and add Greek yogurt too)

How did everyone else spend their weekend? Looks like everyone and their brother was in Texas or at Disney! Congrats to you all. 

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