Three Things Thursday: The Health Collection

1. Back on MLK day I went to the orthodontist. Yes, it’s been a year since I had my braces removed, but I am in retainers for life! In fact I’ve been lucky enough to wear them mostly at night and by lucky I mean I’ve been ignoring all recommendations and wearing them at night. This in conjunction with not being able to get my crowns as scheduled (hoped) lead to a lil movement of the ol teethers. My top molars have started to come down too far to try and meet the bottoms (which are just a big open spot with posts). What does that mean? Well, it means my retainers have been upgraded to retainers v 2.0 and I now have rubber bands on the top part. I went the WHOLE braces experience without bands and now I have to wear them? Of course since my body can’t have me do anything the simple route, I have to have special latex free bands and this means they loosen more quickly and need changed more often. FML. These puppies are HURTING my mouth! I had a headache for a few days and they still hurt with each changing. I’ve been mostly good though. Only like 2 days did I forget to put them back in after lunch. Speaking of lunch. The first few days I couldn’t stand to eat everything hurt so badly, and this lead to me feeling sick, which lead to not so much with the working out.

2. ANOTHER stupid health thing to get in my way was my time of the month. Gawd if I’m not sexually active can we just all agree we know I’m not knocked up and NOT deal with the period of it all? And why are my cramps trying to kill me the last few months? On a more serious note, are any of you like me and find you skip work outs because of your period? Who wants to run on the treadmill with aches and pains and the chance of leakage? Almost half (53%) of women (according to a new Playtex Gentle Glide Play On Survey) blame their period for missing a workout. You can fix this problem by revamping your lifestyle with a tampon to match and Play On™ with the redesigned Playtex® Gentle Glide® 360°™ tampons. This upgraded line of tampons is defined by the latest Playtex innovation, Triple Layer Protection, design that custom fits a woman’s unique body and adjusts to her flow. Available in a variety of sizes and as scented or unscented. Don’t be one of the 22% of women who choose to be a couch-potato instead of a workout warrior during their period.


Personally, when I DO make myself go to the gym, I prefer to just stick to traditional pads, but water classes call for something more. Also, I can’t find the research, but I recall reading once where working out during that time also feels harder. Some type of perceived effort or something where even if you’re doing your standard workout it will feel like you’re pushing 5x harder. I tried to go to spinning the day before I started and nearly passed out on my bike. LOL.

3. I received one of the nicest notes from a reader on my Facebook fan page. She contacted me after watching my Tommie Copper review. She noticed a strange marking on my foot (it’s a mole/birth mark) and wanted to make sure I was keeping an eye on it due to risk factors for melanoma. Of course I’ve been aware of it my whole life and along with my doctor we keep an eye out for any changes or warning signs. This made me want to draw everyone’s attention to their own health though. Please visit the AAD and update yourself on information about ABCDE’s of melanoma as well as any other skin conditions.


Maybe I don’t mention it enough, but I really do support the idea of prevention being an essential aspect of health and wellness. Go to your yearly physicals, ask questions, get to be the #1 expert of your own body. I went to my annual “lady visit” today and even though I have been going for years I still have to remind them each time about my various allergies. It’s not their fault, I’m just as in charge of my health as they are and I think everyone should feel this way and strive to be as empowered as possible.

What about you other there readers? Any good word on the health front these days?

FTC Disclaimer: I was sent a variety box of Playtex tampons free of charge in exchange for a review/link.

3 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday: The Health Collection

  1. I’ve definitely heard that working out can help with period symptoms like cramps. I don’t know from experience because I’m a lucky one that rarely gets them. I wonder if this is a true fact or just something women’s magazines tell us to do.

    • I think (from my experience) it depends on the exercise. Things like yoga help me a lit because it is stretching and working your core. The uterus is just a big muscle, right? Cardio is what gets me worn down. I actually know a few stretches that I love. Like lying on your back grabbing under your knees (pulled toward your chest) and rocking side to side or back and forth front to back. It always helped w cramps and backache when I had them.

  2. There was a study showing that injuries increase when a woman is menstruating. I thought that was weird. I don’t have the link, will see if I can find it. I remember my fertility doctor telling me when I worked out, near my period I would feel less energy because of a change in my metabolism and how it’s processing. I didn’t bother to ask the details, at the time, I wasn’t working out a whole lot to begin with 😉

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