The Next Bond Girl

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was both amazing and not so swell. Let’s start with the amazing…

Friday, I received an email while I was at work and I squealed like a little girl and went running down the hall to my supervisor’s office to tell her 6 months in advance I was taking a major vacation. Why?

Hmm wait that doesn’t seem to do the trick….

I think this one is the more accurate button! Although most of you probably already noticed it boldly displayed above my picture in the sidebar, right?

That’s right! The wonderful Roni made my day and made my weekend when she accepted me as a speaker for FitBloggin’ 13. Now, there are a few adjustments to the original plan. Apparently, another woman submitted a topic also about mental and emotional health and she (Roni) wanted us to join forces and instead of doing a full on presentation, we will moderate a discussion. IMHO a discussion is better than a presentation any day and especially for our topic, so I was excited.

Another thing, originally I submitted the topic with Alicia of Poise in Parma. Oddly enough, this was overlooked when speakers were accepted. Luckily Roni is amazing and Alicia will still be joining me (us) in Portland. The other woman also had a co-speaker so we make a happy panel of 4 all together. In all honesty, one of the reasons I teamed up with Alicia is she has speaking experience for the convention and she’s a “bigger name” blogger. The aspect I keep running through my mind is the fact I was accepted as a speaker without Roni noticing my co-speaker  I was accepted based on my proposal and on my own merits. I’m in no way downplaying the importance Alicia plays in this and will play in the future, but I do have to emphasize how proud of myself I am and was when I realized what happened.

What ELSE did I do this weekend? Saturday, I woke up early and cleaned up the house. Oh house, how do you become so messy so quickly? When will this love/hate relationship even out? Anyway. Jason came over with his gun (TWSS), but really, he came over with some guns.

Target Practice

A few weeks back we got together for lunch and last minute Christmas shopping. The topic of guns came up and the fact I’ve always wanted to go to a shooting range. Odd from the girl who has never SEEN a gun, right? So, he offered and lo and behold he is a man who actually keeps to his word!

We went over general safety and then drove to the range. I was very nervous. He kept teasing me about leaning too far back and being afraid of the guns. We used a 22 handgun thing a 22 rifle and a 9 handgun thing. The rifle was almost too long for me (Another TWSS?) and I managed to get the hang of the whole reloading the magazine (cartridge?) thing. When we broke out the 9 is when I saw the fire at the end of the barrel and the loud BANG made me jump back and into an unsuspecting man as he left. Of course he did nothing more than laugh at me and Jason was none the wiser as he kept firing. Ugg.

Honestly, I had a great time. I was very frustrated I couldn’t control the gun better and I was annoyed it kept pushing me back and I need better core strength or upper body or something. Still…HELLO…it was a real life video game and we all know how much I like to shoot things and blow them up on TV. Don’t let anyone else know this…but I’m totally the next Bond Girl. Oh and there were other pictures of the event, but supposedly the back of my head isn’t “exciting”.  I think he just secretly wanted to keep pictures of me all to himself.

Sunday oh Sunday. I woke up sick and immediately retreated to the comfort of blankets, water, tissues and TV. I’ll win the battle…don’t you fear. I wouldn’t turn down some free chicken soup!

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  1. Congratulations!! That’s awesome that you all will be moderating a panel at Fitbloggin’ this year! So excited for you and it will be a wonderful experience. Still haven’t figured out if I’m making it to Portland this year or not but hope I can make it!

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