PV Body Review : It’s not for everyone

I wrote the following post at the beginning of December 2012. At the time most of the reviews of P.V. Body were from fellow FitFluentials who signed up for an affiliate program and were signing praises of the company selling top of the line fitness apparel for under $50 a month! Like my fellow friends, I too signed up after FitBloggin because 1) It seemed like a great deal 2) Their ambassadors were so cute and friendly, who wouldn’t want to BE EPIC? 3) I have FOMO and I really wanted to be one of the first people to experience the next great subscription box.

Well, a few months came and went and I was left with a horrible taste in my mouth about the whole experience, but I was afraid to go against the grain. What if it was all in my head and I looked like I was whining?  Then Janine of The Purple Giraffe posted how she received NEW pieces with traces of deodorant! When I read her poor story I have to admit, I was excited someone else had a bad experience…I wasn’t going crazy! Then this week Sarah Fit posted about a change in their clothing line up. If you scroll to the comments, some very interesting things are brought to light. I even saw my friend Carly note she didn’t want to post a bad review since everyone else seemed to like them. Maybe if more of us would have posted about these things as they happened, more people wouldn’t have fallen to their lure?

So, while it’s overdue…I present to you…my issues with P.V.Body. BTW I did send both items back for return/exchange. Due to their terrible customer service I have NO IDEA which, and NO IDEA how long until I see new pieces or a credit. At this point I want the money, but I doubt I’ll ever see it. Buyer always beware.

December 2012

I’ve tried monthly box subscriptions in the past, and generally there are some very unique and fun things. P.V.Body by PuraVit claimed their boxes would grant access to Lululemon, Nike, Lorna Jane, Adidas, or American Apparel at greatly reduced prices! At first the price was only 39.95, I see now it’s jumped to 49.95, which would be great if they were consistently sending those top of the line items. Two months in a row I received items from no-name companies and the quality of the items was barely what I’d grab from the discount rack of a department store.

Maybe my issue is more to do with the brands than P.V. Body, but they are in control of who they send and partner with, right? They should not be sending low quality items and saying it’s a steal when I get the impression they are simply helping to ship out unwanted stock.

You start the process with a fun little quiz. I always fear I’m about to answer the wrong thing so I freak out and second and triple guess myself. In the end I managed to establish I am an “Epic Athlete” and I enjoy bold colors. Which when I buy workout gear I DO, because I like to have fun and I wanted FUN stuff sent to me. And while I do go to the gym, I mostly train on the trails in all sorts of weather…hence “Epic”.

Month ONE

My first order went in on Oct 12th….I was informed it shipped on Oct 23rd (WHY such a delay?)…it was at my door Nov 2nd. Almost a FULL MONTH after the order date and 10 DAYS after it shipped. Are you kidding me?

Shipments arrive in a very fun pink/magenta giant bubble envelope and your items are wrapped in pink and white tissue paper. Here is what arrived in the first box.

IMG_2052 IMG_2053

IMG_2054 IMG_2055A white tank top style shirt and black leggings. The top had very thin straps and a built in bra. HIGHLY not appropriate IMHO for anyone looking to be an “Epic Athlete”.  Maybe for yoga, light gym work or walking around town, but not for trail running, not in my world anyway. The bottoms were super tight and not “oh this compression makes me feel supported and I could run forever” tight. More like “OMG I thought pantyhose were out of style” tight. These pants were essentially thick and disgusting black pantyhose. You can see in the final picture, the outfit doesn’t look BAD. However it felt TERRIBLE against my skin and you can see how the top is totally see through. What an insanely disappointing start.

Of course I will say it took a while to reach out to the company because of what happened with my dog. When I did reach out to the them I was directed to call a number. I called and no one answered. I left messages and no one called me back. I FINALLY tracked down an email because they weren’t responding to Twitter and I was sent a generic form letter. Then I tracked down a way to request a return label. They will generate the return label for you, but you need to find a way to package it and get it to FedEx. While this may seem “easy” to some. It’s a hassle for me and I was annoyed because I wasn’t exchanging for a size concern, I was exchanging for a quality concern.

Month TWO

Based on all the other amazing reviews I was reading, I decided to give P.V.Body a second chance. My order went in around Nov 12th. Days and weeks went by without a shipping notification. I tried to reach out over Twitter or email and I was sent another generic “We’re sorry, we grew too quickly, but we promise we care” letter. My bank account was charged on Nov 23rd so I assumed I’d be getting my package soon after. Unlike the previous month Dec 2nd came and went, Dec 3rd came and went, even the 4th came and went. My package arrived I believe it was Dec 10th! Only about 2 days before my next package would have been submitted for an order. Luckily for me, I had enough and cancelled my account.

Again the package arrived in the magenta envelope and the pink and white paper. I was excited. Other reviewers were sent great name brands. Beautiful pink and purple tops. I knew the first one had to be a fluke and I was going to get something great!


NOPE! Package number two was another WHITE tank top and BLACK tights. Not running tights, but yoga-type leggings. Was I no longer an epic athlete? Was white now considered a BOLD color? WHO wears white outside? People asking for their stuff to look like crap after the first time they wear it maybe.

I sent out another tweet expressing my EXTREME disappointment in the program. A final generic form letter was emailed.

Maybe I have bad luck with boxes? Maybe they know it’s me and they’re mad at me for not being supportive? Maybe it was a coincidence and they are growing and things will get better?

All I know is, my experience was not a positive one.

  • Orders are shipped much too late past order date and take too long to arrive
  • The price is now much too high if you end up getting crap brands
  • If you plan to do anything other than yoga or looking cute the products will not work for you
  • Your quiz and profile seem to be all smoke and mirrors, they’re going to send whatever they have in stock

Final Analysis: Take your $50 and use it toward sales and pieces you know you want and will wear.

23 thoughts on “PV Body Review : It’s not for everyone

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this! I’ve had nothing but excellent service and awesome clothes from pv.body! I would strongly suggest contacting customer service as they do such a good job at making things right!

    • I have tried contacting them. They rarely reply to emails and never reply to my tweets or calls. When I did get a response via email it was always a form letter that didn’t actually answer my question or help at all. I’m glad some people are having good experiences, it gives me hope things can be resolved eventually.

  2. I had a similar issue – signed up when it was $39.95. Reviewers I saw *were* getting lulu lemon so I expected at least the brands listed in marketing. My quiz was black crops with bold solid tops. I got a bright stripey no name brand top and bright blue leggings. Not something that I would wear. Contacted them for return info only to get a reply email that said essentially they were overwhelmed with emails and to try to contact them later. I ended up disputing it with my credit card company to get my $$ back. Really disappointing!

    • Haha maybe we should all set up an online exchange and send each other the pieces we don’t want, but someone else would like? Probably cheaper and quicker!

  3. Hmm. A good precautionary tale. I’ve read at least three bloggers who thrilled over their sendings from PV…but they were all sponsored also.
    I tend to buy my work out items as needed, and usually try to buy on sale.
    I’m like you, at no time do I need a white top of any sort!!!

    • OK thank you! I’m not weird about the white then?! My friend told me I am weird about that b/c “white goes with everything” hellllo is also goes right against that tree, and perhaps the mud splash. I’m a runner, not a piece of artwork. Haha.

  4. Ah….yes! Thank you. I’d seen some reviews and thought, “Hmmmm….tempting.” But I prefer to choose my own gear, and I don’t need a new workout outfit each month (seriously, I’ve had my running jacket since 2004 and finally bought a new one this year! I never buy new running gear except shoes, somehow, and somehow I find myself heading to yoga class in the shirt I slept in [What?]).

    But I can’t believe they were THIS bad. Wow. That really sucks. I hope you can get some money back. Thanks for this review!

    • I guess with the new system you DO pick out your items each month from their “in house” line. How is that different from online shopping though? And I feel ya on the rolling out of bed and heading to class. I’m gonna shower after no one needs to worry about the bedhead in the corner, right? ( ;

  5. I believe I have recieved two tech shirts from races that were white and have been worn maybe twice.
    One, because once I sweat through them, I don’t really want the world to see underneath, and
    Two, white is not a good color to wear in the woods when it’s hunting season 1/4 of the year!!

  6. I’ve had shipping problems with them, too. Signed up in late October after Fitbloggin and got that one relatively promptly (yet still kinda slow, like you). I’m actually still waiting for my November order (I think? Two were supposedly shipped a day apart), and my December shipment came on January 3. My emails are answered 5-7 days later with a useless form letter. Guess I’m going to actually have to pick up the phone! I’ve been happy with most of my stuff, though I’m sending back the tank I just got that’s way too tight. I did get a free package in between for being an ambassador, but I haven’t promoted them since after the first shipment (and freebie, which came pretty close together). Was happy at first, but now I kind of want to wait and see if they sort things out before I send anyone else their way. Still giving them a little more time before I cancel.

  7. Ugh. Bummer to hear yet another bad review. I just received my first package after they contacted me wanting a review. It’s going to be hard to do an actual review since I’ve not gone through what everyone else has gone through. i.e. using my own money, shipping time-frames, etc. Grateful for your honest input.

  8. I am having major issues with them. Placed my order December 21st and still haven’t even received my package. You can’t get anyone to resposnd to emails or answer the phones. I have cancelled my account and am going to dispute it with my bank and see if I can get my money back. A very frustrating experience. I feel for all the fitness bloggers that posted the deal and then we signed up thru them. They had no idea what this was going to do. Just a bad, bad experience. So since I can’t get them to repsond I am hoping I can get a few others not to fall for it and save their money.

  9. Thank you for honest reviews. I have seen others give good reviews. I was tempted to sign up but something kept me from doing it and I am sooo glad.
    Kuddos for honesty

  10. I’ve never heard of the company, but I also love subscription things, so I probably would have jumped on board (if they carried plus size, which I realize now they dont).

  11. Sorry, totally wasn’t finished. Student distracted me. But after reading all these awful reviews which you’ve pointed out, I think more people need to speak out. So many people have awful customer service until they replied on the one blog post and suddenly “hope” is available to help everyone. Sounds like such a joke.

  12. Julie, thanks so much for your honest blogging about this. I’ve learned that the people who have had great experiences with PV Body in terms of receiving cute outfits and prompt shipping without any customer servie issues are invariably ambassadors or affiliates. That tells me they get preferential treatment while all the rest of us subscribers get the shaft.

    It makes sense, though, from a scam business point of view. Give bloggers free outfits in exchange for writing positive things about your company. The blogger wins. PV Body wins.

    Who loses? The blog readers who got tricked into supporting a business that treats customers like ATMs.

    • I’m starting to notice the same thing as more and more of this debate comes to light. Those they sought out are treated well, those who sought them are given the back burner. They claim to have hired new staff and extended hours to resolve everything. Here’s hoping they’re telling the truth.

      • I’ve been reading back through the comments on their Facebook pages. One of their stock replies they’ve used for about 3 weeks was that they “are upgrading their phone system” or “in the process of upgrading their phones” or “our new system is being installed.”

        Seems like they’re just giving out lines like that to momentarily pacify all those customers who are not ambassadors or affiliates. Having worked in customer service, there is a phrase for that. It’s called “stall and delay.”

  13. Thanks for the shout out, Julie. The whole thing seemed so great but it rubbed me the wrong way when they didn’t answer my questions about their supply (especially about where they got their Lulu). Same as you, I felt like I’d be a whiner if I blogged negatively about something that a lot of my favorite bloggers were acting as ambassadors for. Live and learn. I’m going to just blog what I want now haha.
    I had to giggle when you showed the picture of your second box… I’d be so bummed to get two outfits that are nearly the same! I hope this company straightens itself out and does right by its customers – but I’m also really happy I’m not involved with them.

  14. I’d be bummed if I received what you did, Julie. How disappointing. My order went in before Thanksgiving and I just got it yesterday. But I must say they hit it out of the park and I love what they sent me: great quality, fantastic styling and fits my taste to a tee.

  15. I signed up through a friend who is an ambassador and at first I had a really good experience. The first tank I received was black but stylish, got it with black and pink capris, thought that was fabulous. The second package I got was a long sleeve black top that was very soft and bright blue american apparel tights. Good stuff, the third was a bright orange tank with built in bra that was not very supportive and the same blue tights as the last shipment— ugh, annoyed. How could they not keep track? Took at least two weeks for a response from customer service. Then I saw Sarah’s post and I immediately quit the service. Bait and switch is not the way to my business, I liked the concept of being surprised by what came to my door. I didn’t like getting the same thing twice. I was happy to try out new stuff, even if it wasn’t lulu or Nike (though I was hoping to get at least one of those pieces eventually) but with their new service, a brand new KNOCK OFF of lulu, I’m not impressed. I actually don’t wish them well, I think they’re being deceitful and using another brands name to attempt to boost themselves after pulling a bait and switch.

  16. At least two pairs of black pants can be used- I was sent NEON blue pants two packages in a row. Once with a weird dark gray top and another time with a peachy-orangish top with gray straps. Absolutely hideous.

    I’m having even more problems with them now with the switch.

    I’m so disappointed that it seems they sent bloggers who were working with them really cute stuff and then those of us who decided to pay for it… total crap. Maybe there will be a change with the Ellie line, I don’t know.

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