Friday Food : belVita Breakfast Biscuits Parfait

Apparently, it’s a new year and with new years come hype and hoopla about changing and improving and moving forward. I’m sure most of my readers have committed to a healthier lifestyle in some way shape or form, but more importantly than that…I’m sure most of us are already a little tired. Tired from barely getting past the end of the world, then Christmas, then New Years and NOW we’re supposed to be making grand changes in diet and behavior?

Well, let’s all KISS. Keep It Simple Sillies! Today’s recipe is a reminder of a quick and easy way to accomplish getting the nutrition you need on the go or just sitting at home scrolling through your favorite blogs. It also introduces a new product to some of you or poses another reminder to those who already love belVita breakfast biscuits as much as I do!

belVita Breakfast Biscuits Parfait

belVita Breakfast Biscuits Parfait

What you will need:

  • 1 package of belVita breakfast biscuits (any flavor)
  • 1 cup low-fat or non-fat Greek yogurt (enter my trusted Chobani)
  • 1 cup fresh fruit


  1. In a bag (Ziploc works well) place 2-4 of the belVita breakfast biscuits. (I like to leave a couple left over to eat on their own). Using your hands or a rolling pin break the biscuits into smaller pieces (think granola size)
  2. In a tall glass or parfait cup spoon 1/3 cup of the yogurt
  3. Add 1/2 of the fresh fruit
  4. Layer another 1/3 of the yogurt and 1/2 of the fruit
  5. Finish with the final 1/3 cup of yogurt
  6. Top with the belVita breakfast biscuits pieces and ENJOY!

Makes 1 serving

Comments & Photos:

If you don’t have fresh fruit, frozen works well if you’re willing to wait for it to thaw.

belVita breakfast biscuits come in 5 flavors. Golden Oat, Blueberry, Cinnamon Brown Sugar, Chocolate, and Apple Cinnamon.

I love using the belVita in place of traditional granola. I’ve had a heard time finding granola I like this past year. It is always either boring or mixed with other things I don’t eat.

Each package of belVita (4 biscuits) contain 18-20 grams of whole grains (depending on the flavor), 3 grams of fiber, and 4 grams of protein. Throw in the fruit and yogurt and you’re looking at calcium, more fiber, more protein and a world of ‘oh-so-good’.

A lot of mornings I throw my yogurt into a bowl of oatmeal with some fruit or other toppings. Using the biscuits I don’t have to prep the oatmeal and that saves a lot of time. I think the glasses are easier to eat out of on the go too.

If you’re looking for an even easier way to eat your biscuits, try them with a banana and milk or an apple with cheese. See? I do it, and it helps keep me going all morning long!

belVita Golden Oat belVita Cinnamon Brown Sugar

Disclaimer: FitFluential LLC compensated me for this Campaign.  All opinions are my own.

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