2013 Valentine’s Day Gift Exchange

Last year I hosted a small gift exchange for those who wanted to spread a lil Valentine blog love. We were a small, but mighty group and I’d like to repeat the success this year with the 2013 Valentine’s Day Gift Exchange.

ROJRunning Valentine's Gift Exchange 2013

In 2012 I made note you could sign up for a small gift exchange or simply sign up to exchange cards. This year I would encourage anyone who wants to keep it simple and do cards only to please head over to Zaneta’s Runner’s Luck, where she is hosting a card swap.

For everyone who wants to take part in a gift exchange the process is simple.  Comment here letting me know you’re interested. If you’re not comfortable leaving a comment, you may also email me at Julie@rojrunning.com. Please sign up by Friday February 1st. Later on Friday or on Saturday I will send the list of exchange partners. It is up to each partner to contact the person you’re sending to for their shipping information.

  • I will pair you with one other person. This is NOT a secret exchange, however the person you send to will not necessarily be the person sending to you. I do this to help us learn about more people and make 2x as many new friends.
  • The gift exchange limit is set at $15. Please send your gifts by Saturday the 9th. Hopefully most gifts will arrive by the 14th, but please be mindful of where you are shipping and how long it may take your package.
  • Since this is not a secret, please email your partner and get to know them and try to send something personal. Or at the very least if your buddy says they’re allergic to nuts, don’t send them chocolate covered almonds.
  • If you will, grab my button and post it on your blog, Facebook, Tweet it, Pin it, ETC.
  • When you receive your package return to your preferred social media source and let us know how much you love it!

Ready? Sound good? I hope so. Let’s all be the best lil cupid’s and cupidette’s we can be in 2013!

13 thoughts on “2013 Valentine’s Day Gift Exchange

    • It shouldn’t be an issue. I’ll check if anyone wants to send to you and if not I’ll do it. Haven’t done it in a while so not sure if there are tricks to international shipping? ( ;

      • Thank you, that would be awesome! As far as I know you just have to declare what is inside your package along with its value. Hopefully it isn’t too complicated!

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