What Gives? Bulu Box Does!

Merry Christmas Eve to a majority of my readers…Happy Monday to everyone else? It surprises me how many of you are working today, so I guess it’s OK for me to work too. Which is good, because I have something I want to share with all of you, but didn’t get around to it last week. Presenting my final product review of 2012. It’s been a good year and I look forward to all the things I’ll share with you in 2013.

logo Many may recall the review I did for Bulu Box over the summer. If you don’t here’s a quick snippet from their website of what/who Bulu Box is, including their new rewards program!:

Bulu Box is the best way to discover vitamin, supplement and health products. Each box is filled with 4 to 5 premium products selected to help you feel your best. Look forward to a new mix monthly for both women and men that include: vitamins, weight loss, energy, protein, digestion, sleep support and more.   Earn an easy 50 points ($5) or more each month by reviewing, sharing and completing short surveys. Use your Reward Points to purchase full-sized versions of the products that work best for you!

At the time of my summer review, the company and process seemed rather new and they were working out the kinks. I mentioned a majority of the products I personally would not or could not use, but they were good looking products and I was comfortable suggesting others check out the program. Recently, Bulu Box contacted me again about promoting them for the holidays. Honestly, I think gift-a-month things are an AWESOME present idea, if you can find something a person really wants more of every month. Bulu Box was kind enough to send me a second sampling, to get a broader idea of what they carry.

BuluBoxDecember I think I’ll do this like I did my last review. I’ll post the information from their website or the product’s website and I’ll post my reaction.


What they say:  Almased’s unique formula contains the key ingredients for successful weight loss, optimal health and maximum energy:

  • High-quality fermented soy
  • Skim milk yogurt powder
  • Honey enzymes

The essential ingredients found in Almased help the body burn fat, not vital muscle mass like so many other diet programs. Almased is all-natural, gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians. It contains:

  • No trans fat or cholesterol
  • No added sugar, starches or preservatives
  • No artificial colors, fillers or flavors
  • No stimulants like ephedrine (ma huang) or caffeine

Almased has been proven to help you lose weight effectively. It speeds up your metabolism so you burn fat, maintain high energy levels and feel great… all without hunger. The unique patented formula reprograms your metabolism and teaches your body to literally “think thin”. Almased is also an ideal supplement even for people who don’t want to lose weight but simply seek to supoort their health, physical performance and overall well-being.*

What I say: Sorry this is short, but I wouldn’t try it. I stopped eating honey this year and since it’s included in this flavor it just wasn’t for me. I also take issue with something designed FOR weight loss, so I wouldn’t offer it to any of my friends or family to try. According to the reviews online most people find it effective, with the biggest complaint being taste. Personally I wonder if the people who use this were drinking enough water before. Drinking enough water will also increase your energy and help with weight control.

FRS FRS Healthy Energy Soft Chews

What they say: What Fuels You? Want to discover what elite athletes pro sports teams & wellness gurus already love? It all began with health scientists trying to provide sustained energy for chemotherapy patients. FRS Healthy Energy is an amazingly delicious performance product powered by a patented formula containing Quercetin, green tea, catechins and essential vitamins. Quercetin is a powerful all natural antioxidant found in foods like blueberries, apples and grapes that works by naturally triggering your cells ability to produce sustained energy so you can focus on increasing your stamina to maximize performance. Try FRS products for a week and feel the difference for yourself. Ideal for outdoor sports traveling or on-the-go activities.*

What I say: I’m allergic to tropical flavors, so again I wasn’t able to sample this product. Bulu Box and the main FRS website have the chews in other flavors though, such as pomegranate blueberry, lemon lime, and orange. I would be willing to try the lemon lime or orange. Based on what I read about it, a lot of people are using them instead of GU on runs or in place of candy while at work. If you’re looking for sugar and caffeine this may be something to add to your arsenal.

Crystal Essence Crystal Essence Towelettes

What they say: Treat yourself to some relaxing aromatherapy on the go, and fight skin oxidation around the clock. This Crystal-infused towelettes offer all the great benefits of our award-winning deodorant products in a convenient packet.

What I say: What can really be said about scented wipes? Of course I couldn’t use them due to perfume allergies. Do you sense a pattern? There are other scents available though, Chamomile and green tea, lavender and white tea or pomegranate. Some reviewers suggested putting them in a gym bag. We all know I loved how easy it was to carry my Healthy HooHoo stiff around, this would be just as easy with a lil something extra.

Perky JerkyPerky Jerky

What they say: Perky Jerky is an all natural, ultra premium jerky that is unlike any other! It’s made with a seven ingredient marinade, which includes Guarana, a little berry from the Amazon that is commonly found in energy drinks. It’s low fat, low carb, and low calorie. No preservatives, no nitrates, and no added MSG.*

What I say: I haven’t had a chance to try it myself, but it seems interesting. I’ve heard nothing but good things from friends and other bloggers. They have beef and turkey flavor, both of which I’d be willing to try. The list of ingredients is reader friendly and there isn’t any crazy palm oil or anything. The package is simple and convenient. I’m thinking it can slip into my gym bag for a post work out snack this week.

Overall, this second box had a greater variety of popular and newer brands than the first one I was sent. I was impressed they included Perky Jerky and FRS.  So…if you or someone on your list loves to sample new vitamins or supplements (or maybe looking into starting a regimen in the new year and don’t know where to start) Bulu Box would make a great gift! Try one box for only $10 with free shipping or check out the sale on their extended agreements.


If you want 12 months of goodies at your door, can you really beat less than $7 a month? I know people who spend more than that on lunch without even blinking an eye. Again, Happy Christmas Eve…and if you’re last minute shopping why not click a few buttons and give the gift of health? You won’t even have to put on pants.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a sample box for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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