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It was brought to my attention  despite talking about the love affair I’ve been having for 9 weeks with my new Saucony Guide 6, I have yet to post a full on review. It seems like it was only yesterday I came home and opened the box

Saucony Guide 6

My wonderful new shoes were sent to me near the end of October compliments of my ambassadorship with FitFluential. I was shocked and delighted when they arrived at my door step. Immediately, I was sending out tweets and instagrams and chatting up Facebook about getting the chance to wear new shoes before they were released to the public. Better yet, they were shoes people would be JEALOUS of my having first!

There are several color combinations to chose from, including the black/green/purple, blue&white, pink &green and my silver/red/orange. I love my colors because they remind me of fire and make me want to run faster.

Personally, this is my first experience with the Saucony brand, so I can’t compare them to any earlier versions or different variations, however I will share what the brand itself says about the Guide 6.

The latest edition of our flagship shoe arrives with a fit and ride even more attuned to the needs of runners seeking stability in an everyday training shoe. A new sole unit features triangular IBR+ pads integrated with deeper grooves in the forefoot for better flexibility and responsiveness. Three independently responsive pods in the SRC crashpad provide a smooth, efficient transition onto the midfoot, while a midfoot saddle promotes a snug, secure fit in the upper. Weight: 8.9oz.

When I opened my shoes and tried them on I wore them with a pair of very thin socks. I believe a pair of Under Armour socks. Right away I noticed how wide the toe box feels. Some of you may recall I’ve mentioned in previous reviews my need for a wider toe box, but this thing is wiiide! I’ve heard others talk about the same thing. What strikes me as interesting is how there is a wide option for the shoe too (HOW wide is THAT?). Needless to say I didn’t have the lacing down the first time or two I wore the shoes and I ended up with blisters. I was super bummed and worried my shoes were too big! Many people told me online with this brand you want to go about 1/2 a size down from what you may typically wear.

Instead of giving up though, I made the shoes work for me. I wore them everywhere and with different combinations of socks. While some people like having a “go to” shoe, I like having different shoes for different purposes. Why have 75% performance and comfort in all situations when you can have 110% for each? Besides, I’m a girl, aren’t I supposed to have tons of shoes?

I wore the shoes while hiking 11 miles at Bills’ Bad Ass 50K. I wore them the next day for a 3 mile road race. I wore them for walks and runs around my neighborhood  rain and sun. Emme and I took them for a few walks/hikes/jogs along various gentle trails. They even went to the gym with me a few times. In the end I discovered a few things.

Saucony Guide 6s

1) These shoes HOLD UP! They felt great cushioning and stability-wise from the get-go and even with all my wear and tear they still feel awesome and look clean. See the picture above? Current look as of today, they clean up nicely.

2) For me, they are the PERFECT toe box width to wear with my Zensah socks, which are my go-to performance pieces. Over the summer I struggled with finding a good shoe to fit the extra padding in the socks and now I have a match made in heaven.

3) They perform on all types of terrain. I did have to lace them differently for a more snug feel when running trails or hiking in the mud, but the traction was still spot on. Running along the road I know they are forgiving and will allow the natural swelling after lots of miles and hours.

4) For a long time I’ve had issues with my knees, ITB, or plain weird foot cramping. In the past almost 2 months I have not had any of those problems.

Those are the things you want to know about shoes, right? Do they perform well in a variety of conditions? Do they hold up over time? Are they cute? Where can I buy them?

We went over everything, but the last question. You can buy them (as of 12/17/12) at for around $110.00. has them for $99.95. is showing $110.00 and has them at $88.00 for the next 3 days. (Note: I just did a Google search, none of those companies asked me to link).

I would also suggest checking your local running stores. Ohio we have Fleet Feet Sports and Vertical Runner. Two EXCELLENT local sources. In fact Cleveland/Akron area Fleet Feet Northfield is having a Saucony Demo Night (Facebook event) Wednesday (12/19) where you can test the Guide 6 or Triumph 10 and enter for a chance to win a free pair of shoes!

Please leave me your feedback on what YOU most value in a shoe or your experiences with Saucony!

Disclaimer: I was sent a free pair of shoes in exchange for my review. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are my own.

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